52 Kink and Sexual Fetishes You Never Knew Existed


There are people who have fetishes that you will never be able to understand, and probably some you will never even hear of.

Some fetishes are so common you might not even know you have them. But there are some that are very uncommon and unusual. Here is our list of uncommon fetishes you have never heard of before.


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52 Uncommon Fetishes

Human Furniture

Human furniture play might be the ultimate in objectification. In this type of scene, the submissive partner takes on the role of a table, chair, footstool, or another inanimate object. They are expected to stay very still and may be required to balance things on their body (for example, a tray of drinks on their back.)


Bastinado is a type of corporal punishment where the soles of the feet are caned. It is very intense and can cause a lot of pain with relatively little force.


Erotic hypnosis, also known as hypno-kink, is when the submissive partner is hypnotized to make them more compliant and receptive to their partner’s desires. Some hypnosis lasts just for the length of a scene, but it is also possible to implement longer-term “triggers” (words or gestures which will make the hypnotized person behave in a certain way.) Hypnosis is controversial, with some people not believing it works at all. We should also mention that hypnosis is not mind control; it will only work on someone who consents to receive it.


Sploshing, also known as wet and messy fetishism, refers to playing with large amounts of messy substances or fluids. Sploshing fans might enjoy having these substances applied to their skin, thrown at them, or poured inside their clothing. Almost anything with the right consistency can be used for sploshing, but foodstuffs such as pudding, custard, baked beans, or condiments are commonly used.

Adult Baby/Diaper Lover (ABDL)

Adult babies enjoy being treated like a baby by their partner. This might include activities like nursing or breastfeeding, as well as being made to wear diapers. An adult baby may not be permitted to stand upright or speak in their adult voice when they are in role.


Sounding involves inserting a sound, a thin rod usually made of stainless steel, into the urethra. Some people enjoy it by itself, but it is often part of doctor/patient or medical role play.

Breath Play

Breathplay involves restricting your own or your partner’s breathing for the purposes of sexual gratification. It is extremely dangerous and is responsible for more sex-related deaths than any other activity. Despite some educators claiming to know how to do it safely, breath play is inherently extremely dangerous and we recommend you avoid it.

Blood Play

Blood play is anything that deliberately breaks the skin for the purpose of making someone bleed. It is considered edge play and can be extremely dangerous if done wrong. Bear in mind that breaking someone’s skin is considered Actual Bodily Harm in many jurisdictions and consent is not necessarily a defence. We won’t tell you not to do it, but go in with your eyes open and do everything you can to mitigate unnecessary risks.


Creating a permanent or semi-permanent mark on the skin through inflicting a burn with a hot item. Often done as a mark of ownership by those in Master/Mistress and slave relationships.


DD/lg stands for “Daddy Dom/little girl” and refers to a specific age play dynamic where the dominant male partner takes on the nurturing, parental (sometimes strict) role of the Daddy and the submissive woman takes the role of the helpless, innocent (sometimes naughty) girl.

Needle Play

Also called “play piercing,” needle play involves inserting needles just under the skin. Some people find it painful, while others enjoy the endorphin rush it produces. You should use single-use, sterile needles of the kind you can buy from medical suppliers, dispose of them safely after use, and make sure the skin is clean before you begin. It’s best to get some expert tuition as needle play can be dangerous if done wrong.


Electro-play refers to using electricity for the purposes of sexual gratification and/or sadomasochistic pleasure. The most common type of electro-play is a violet wand, a device which applies low-current, high-voltage, high-frequency electricity to the body. The sensation it produces is sharp and intense, and some have likened it to the feeling of being tattooed. The other common type of electro-play is with a TENS unit, which applies electrical stimulation through pads which stick directly to the skin. Electro-play can be dangerous, so get some tuition first. It should not be done by anyone with a pacemaker or any kind of heart problem.


Bootblacking as a kink originates from the Old Guard leather culture and refers to caring for boots, shoes, and other leather items, particularly polishing them. Many Dominants in the leather scene enjoy having their submissives care for their leather. At leather parties, bootblack submissives might carry a kit around with them so they can offer their services to any Dominant who wishes.

Incest Role Play

This taboo kink is one of the most commonly searched terms on porn sites. Whether you want to play MILF and step-son or pretend to be siblings incest role play is all about secrecy and taboo. (But don’t worry – being into this doesn’t mean you actually want to fuck your family members!)

Primal Role Play

Primal role play involves getting in touch with your animalistic side. One partner is the predator and one partner is the prey, and the prey will be hunted by the predator. You can expect animal noises, hiding, biting, scratching, and catch-and-release scenarios. This kind of play lets your raw sexual desires take charge. You get to define what being “caught” means in the end.

1950s Lifestyle

A 1950s lifestyle relationship is one based on a particular representation of life in the 1950s, particularly in America. It typically refers to the husband being the “head of the household” while the wife is submissive and stays at home.


A lot of submissives see being put in a cage as the ultimate display of submission. There is something dehumanizing about it, not to mention the loss of control. Just don’t forget where you put the key!

Fire Play

Ever wanted to be set on fire!? Fire play is intense and risky, but won’t send you to the hospital with third-degree burns as long as you do it properly. The most common type of fire play involves passing lit batons across the body so quickly as to not leave a burn, or lighting small pieces of flash cotton soaked in flammable fuel. Fire-whips and fire-floggers are also popular. Get training from an expert before you even think about trying fire play.

CFnm, CMnf, and CDns

CFnm (clothed female, naked male,) CMnf (clothed male, naked female) and CDns (clothed Dom, naked sub) are all dynamics that enhance vulnerability and submission through the submissive partner being nude while their Dominant is clothed. This can be done in private, but there are also parties and fetish club nights that cater to these dynamics.


Dollification is a type of objectification play where the submissive partner dresses as, or behaves like, a doll. This might involve simply dressing up in a particular style, especially in a way that pleases their partner, or it might involve behaving in an extremely passive manner.

Double Penetration

If one is good, two are better! Double penetration refers to the receptive partner being penetrated by two penises or toys. It can refer to two in the vagina, two in the anus, or one in each.


Edging (not to be confused with edge play) is a subsection of orgasm control. It involves bringing one partner to the brink of orgasm and then not allowing them to come. An edging session might end in a release, or not… it all depends how nice the Dom is feeling! Begging for release can heighten feelings of submission and edging makes the eventual orgasm that much more explosive.


An enema is an injection of fluid through the rectum into the bowel. Receptive partners often use it to clean themselves in preparation for anal sex, but some people do them because they enjoy the sensation (or as a sadomasochistic activity.)

Escort Role Play

Many men have a fantasy of hiring an escort, either due to the taboo, the legal grey area, or the idea of playing with a professional who really knows her stuff. But if you don’t want to do it for real, you can role play with your partner and have one of you pretend to be a sex worker. For added realness, meet at a hotel and go your separate ways afterwards.

Fear Play

Fear play is anything that plays on the emotion of fear. For some, slapping a hard impact toy down on the bed next to them might be considered fear play. For others, it takes more elaborate planning to convince their brain that they are in danger even if they rationally know they are not (this can be called “perceived real risk” play.)


Mummification refers to wrapping the body tightly so that the person is immobilised. It is most commonly done with plastic wrap such as pallet wrap. Never wrap someone’s head and neck, and always keep a pair of safety scissors handy so you can cut them out quickly if you need to


Figging is the practice of inserting a piece of peeled ginger root into the anus. It produces an intense burning sensation which can remain even after the ginger is removed. Remember to make sure the piece you’re using has a flared base so it doesn’t get lost inside if you decide to try this!


A flogger is a type of whip consisting of a handle and many falls (the falls are usually made of leather or suede, but you can get floggers made out of rubber, faux leather, plastic, and even chain.) Flogging means hitting someone with a flogger. It is usually done in a rhythmic way with the intensity building as the scene goes on. Start with a soft flogger and learn the safe areas of the body to hit.

Food Play

Food play is any type of kinky or sexual activity involving the use of foods. The most common type of food play is eating from your partner’s body (whipped cream, melted chocolate and syrup are popular for this!)

Pony Play

In pony play, the submissive partner takes on the role of a pony. This may involve wearing a bridle or harness, wearing a tail (often on a butt plug,) or pulling a carriage. It may also involve training with whips, crops, and other paraphernalia traditionally associated with horses.

Forced Bisexuality

In a forced bi scene, the dominant partner “makes” their straight-identified partner do sexual acts with a member of the same sex. This can be used as a humiliation tactic, as a means of reinforcing control, or simply to help someone who is shy explore their bisexual self.

Forced Feminization

Forced feminization is when a man is made to dress or behave in a way stereotypically coded as feminine by a dominant partner. Typically this will involve things like wearing lingerie, high heels, and make-up. It is often used as a type of humiliation.

Pet Play

Pet play is a dynamic where one person (usually the submissive partner) pretends to be an animal, such as a kitten or puppy, and their partner takes the role of their owner. This dynamic may be sweet and playful, sexual and primal, strict and involve lots of discipline and training, or a mix of any of these. The “pet” will sometimes wear items like ears or a tail, and may not be allowed to stand upright or speak in their human voice while in role.

Forced Orgasm

A forced orgasm is to make someone have an orgasm even if they don’t want to or are trying to resist. Forced orgasm can be part of an orgasm control dynamic. They can also sometimes be part of a sadomasochistic scene, as orgasming several times in quick succession can become painful. It is often done using sex toys such as high-powered vibrators. Restraint may also be involved.


Short for “female Domination,” in practice FemDom usually refers to a woman dominating a man.


Fisting is the act of inserting the whole fist into the vagina (or, less commonly, the anus.) It is very intense and can be hugely pleasurable. Go slowly, warm up first, and use plenty of lube if you want to try fisting. And don’t worry if you don’t get all the way in, or if it takes a few goes to get there.

Gang Bang

A gang-bang is a specific type of group sex where one person is fucked by multiple partners. The term “gang bang” usually refers to a woman getting fucked by a group of men, but not necessarily.

High Heels

There is something endlessly sexy about a woman in heels. Maybe it’s the way they perk her ass up or long they make her legs look. Wearing heels in bed can make you both feel extremely naughty. Be careful as to where they end up, though – stilettos and private parts don’t mix! Heels in the bedroom can also help make your dominatrix fantasy a reality.

High Protocol

High protocol refers to a Dominant/submissive dynamic with a lot of strict rules. The exact nature of these rules is different in every relationship but they commonly include eye contact restrictions, speech restrictions, “slave positions,” and very specific instructions about the way tasks are to be carried out.


A bondage hood is a head covering made of a material like leather, latex, PVC or spandex. It is used to depersonalize and objectify the wearer, as well as for sensory deprivation play. Make sure breathing is never compromised.


Arousal and embarrassment are closely linked, which is why so many people find humiliation hot.  What is humiliating is deeply personal and will vary between submissives. It might involve name-calling or using demeaning language, making the submissive do humiliating tasks (such as drinking from a dog bowl,) or taking away their rights to certain things.

Ice Play

Ice play involves stimulating your partner’s body with ice, and can be very intense. This could include running it along their skin, dripping cold water on them as it melts, or even penetrating them with it.

Impact Play

An umbrella term for hitting a consenting partner. Impact play encompasses flogging, spanking, whipping, paddling, and more.

Knife Play

Knife play is a fairly broad term which can encompass anything from gently running the wrong side of a knife over someone’s skin, to threatening with a blade as part of a consensual non-consent scene, to actual cutting of the skin. It goes without saying that knife play can be extremely dangerous, so exercise caution and take risk mitigation precautions.

Master/Mistress & Slave

Master/Mistress and slave play is about (consensual) ownership. It might be a 24/7/365 dynamic or only for the length of the scene. In these dynamics, the Master or Mistress has ultimate control and the slave has very few rights or say (though a safeword and limits are still a must!)

Mental Bondage

Mental bondage, sometimes called “honour bondage,” refers to a person being ordered to stay in a specific place or position but not actually held there with any restraints. Their compliance comes from an inner sense of submission rather than any physical force..

Orgasm Denial

Orgasm denial is when a dominant partner does not allow their submissive partner to reach orgasm for a period of time, either through chastity or simply through withholding permission. Many people find that orgasm denial enhances their feeling of submission and makes the eventual orgasm much more intense. Some also enjoy the feeling of frustration in itself.


Pegging refers to a person with a vulva penetrating a person with a penis with a strap-on. Contrary to stereotypes, it is not only gay men who enjoy receiving anal penetration. It can be part of a power dynamic, a reversal of usual gender roles, or simply a hot thing to do because it feels good.

Public Sex

Public sex is hot as hell but it’s also illegal, so make sure you are in a spot where you will not get caught. Try a quicky out in the deserted woods while you’re on a walk, for example.


Punishment can be a serious part of a Dominant/submissive dynamic and something the submissive actively tries to avoid. It can also be used playfully for the mutual enjoyment of both parties, without any wrongdoing required first. This latter dynamic is often referred to as “funishment.”


Service is a big part of dominance and submission for some kinksters. Many submissives enjoy providing service without any sexual element at all – they find it fulfilling in and of itself. Service is a broad term and can encompass many things, but often includes elements of domestic service (cooking, cleaning, etc.) as well as personal service such as massages, foot rubs, serving drinks, and so on.

Sex Club

There are sex clubs, or swinging clubs, in most major cities. They are the main way that swingers connect and meet one another. Going to a sex club allows you to watch, be watched, and find other people to play with if you want to.

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