10 Best Craigslist Personals Alternatives (2024)

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In the recent past, Craigslist was the go-to platform for hookups and dates. Since security was such a big thing, CL was a safe place for people who wanted to hide their identity. This brings us to the question, did Craigslist remove personals? The answer is yes, unfortunately. In 2018, Craigslist terminated its personals section after a bill was passed by the US Senate. It violated the law and at some point, it became a haven for spammers.

Thankfully, a lot of alternatives have popped up. The type of website you visit will depend on what you’re searching for. The following  Craigslist personals replacements will help you find casual sex, one-night stand, dates, or even a serious relationship. Let’s jump right in!

Top sites like Craiglist for personals

Other personal sites like Backpage were also forced to close because of the overwhelming amount fo sex traffickers, but this shut down brought a lot of legit hookup platforms and alternatives for sex listings. Here are some of the new sites like Craigslist that you can use to find local dates and hookups.


  1. Doublelist.com (See alternatives)
  2. AdultFriendFinder
  3. Ashley Madison
  4. ClassifiedsFactor
  5. GiganticList
  6. FetLife
  7. MegaPersonals
  8. KinkyHookup
  9. ClassifiedAds
  10. Kijiji
  11. ClubSissy
  12. RealJock
  13. Switter


1. Doublelist.com 

double list
4.94 (9518 votes)

Best for local classifieds 

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Doublelist caters to the needs of the LGBT community and straight people looking for a serious relationship or a one-night stand. Once you sign up, you can access personal ads for free. Doublelist.com has become a popular junction for members who want to satisfy their sexual needs. It excels in terms of mobile-friendly interface and speed. If you’re not sure how useful this site can be, look at the reviews of other members. The platform accepts profiles of any age and is present in more than 20 countries. What’s more, you can find members based on sexual criteria and geographical regions.

Since its inception, Doublelist has built a solid reputation in the international community. Also, it has done a very good job of protecting the members. To get started, you must be at least 18 years old. If a member reports that you violated the terms, you’re irreversibly banned. Secondly, the members are not allowed to use censored words. (The use of censored words was one of the reasons why Craigslist personals was shut down.)

It’s estimated that Doublelist receives over 60,000 submissions every day. Most users are from the United Kingdom, Canada, and the US. Once you click the signup button, you’ll be directed to a page where you can fill in your details. After that, you’ll get a confirmation email and you’ll be redirected to the main page. Here, you can see the number of people online. The idea behind Doublelist.com is to enable members to connect in a safe place.


2. AdultFriendFinder 

4.70 (10908 votes)

Best for local encounters: Read full review

AdultFriendFinder is one of those sites that allow people to chat and meet locally. In order to view members, you first need to create a profile. But don’t worry, your account will be private and secured at all times. When you look for members, AdultFriendFinder will display members closes to you first, but you can choose to filter for members up to 500 miles.

Making an account is pretty fast and only takes a few minutes. Once you sign up you will be able to message other members instantly. One of the cool things about this site is that all of the members are looking for NSFW encounters so you can be straight forward about your needs.

To gain access to more features you will have to pay for a premium account which will run from $5.99 to $50.00 depending on your needs. A basic account will get you basic features like one-on-one chat and private messaging, but a higher level account will get you features like live chat and cams


3. AshleyMadison 

Ashley Madison
4.96 (12375 votes)

Best for milfs and affairs

Ashley Madison has earned quite a reputation for itself over the years. Mainly for the unique service that the site offers. Ashley Madison is a website that was created especially for people who are looking for an extramarital affair. And whether you agree with it or not, the site has enjoyed a ton of popularity. 

Now, if you’re looking for a Craigslist Personal’s alternative, Ashley Madison is a little bit different than what you may be used to. Ashley Madison actually helps it’s users find a match, so you’re not left out in the cold. When you use Ashley Madison it’s easy to find like-minded users looking for discreet relationships.

At the end of the day, the site is mainly used for finding casual hookups, so make sure that’s what you’re looking for. Because this site has been in the game for so long, you can rest assured you’ll find a hookup.

4. ClassifiedsFactor

4.50 (9758 votes)

ClassifiedsFactor has a classic look and feels to it; however, the sites with the classic look tend to be quite intuitive and functional. This is the case for ClassifiedsFactor as well, and you probably can land the services or items you’re after in minutes just by starting your browsing journey using their left navigation menu. Yet again, this classified advertising site is a Craigslist alternative that you should never miss, go ahead and give it a try right now!

5. GiganticList

4.50 (9486 votes)

GiganticList is a must-see website if you’re in the market to find a Craigslist alternative. As its name suggests, it contains a gigantic list of ads covering common categories that you can expect to come across on a free classified advertising website. You also are in luck if you live in less populated areas as GiganticList most likely covers more cities or areas than most other sites out there. Go ahead and give it a try now!

6. FetLife 

Fetlife 1
4.84 (9504 votes)

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Best for kinks and fetishes

FetLife is a social network that allows users to post sex ads. You need to create an account to see the classified section. When you browse through the listings, you’ll find ads like seeking prey, seeking hunters, rope bunnies, and more. The idea is to send tingles down your spine.

The signup process is straightforward. Once your registration is verified, a confirmation code is sent to your phone. The site also prompts you to write your fetishes and kinks. But the best way to get started is to join groups (the engine that drives FetLife). And just like other algorithm dating site, you can send private messages or post blogs. Because the user base is extremely large, you’re likely to find the perfect match. The fun starts when you click on the `kinky and popular’ button.

To access full-site functionality, you should upgrade to paid members. You can access archival and video-based content. FetLife protects your information from third parties. But just like other networking sites, they collect statistics on user engagement.


7. MegaPersonals

Mega personal
4.75 (9317 votes)

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Best for personal and classifieds 

MegaPersonals is restricted to persons over 21 years. It caters to people interested in casual sex, hookup, or no strings attached sex. Also, it offers five options: men seeking women, men seeking men, women seeking men, women seeking women, and trans. If you’re looking for a long-term relationship, this may not be the right site for you. Because this site focuses on casual sex, there is no lengthy signup process. In fact, it should only take 5-10 minutes.

First, you must select your gender identity and then specify the kind of person you hope to meet. Then, you should share your email address and select a username. When designing the profile, be sure to use descriptive words that can capture the member’s attention. Finally, you should share your date of birth and location.

Once your account is ready, you can begin the chat. If you want to know who’s online, scroll the list of members and match your criteria. And just like other high-end sites, you will know the members on a personal level. You can share more information to see the matches you’re compatible with. A single picture in your profile is not the way to get messages, clicks, and likes.

MegaPersonals excels well when it comes to safety. Because there are a lot of opportunities for scams here, you should use the safety tips to keep safe. If you find anything suspicious, you should contact the site immediately. You must rely on instincts when interacting with members. If you start feeling uncomfortable, go with your gut. Keep in mind the servers are in different countries to guarantee your safety. So, is MegaPersonals free? Well, just like other dating sites you get a free trial period. However, you’ll be restricted to access the sites important features. If you want to have unlimited access, you should upgrade to a paid membership.


8. KinkyHookup 

4.66 (9115 votes)

If you have a sexual kink, Kinkyhookup.com will meet and exceed your expectations. Hundreds of people join this site for online hookups and discreet sexual encounters. The site consists of a kinky community specifically for people interested in BDSM. While most dating sites have fake profiles, this site allows you to meet real people. You’ll be amazed by the simple features on the site that helps you connect with other people from all walks of life. And when you join the community, you’ll get someone who fits into your description of fun.

To register, you simply create a profile and fill in the necessary information. Be sure to include a photo, location, and age. If you’re looking for something discreet, you won’t go wrong with Kinkyhookup. All the information you give is held with the utmost confidentiality. For some sites, you can take days or weeks before you find someone who piques your interest. At Kinkyhookup.com, everything will be laid out for you at once. Whether you’re traveling alone or on a business trip, you’ll need a way to explore your sexual kink.

The site is all about sex and is a golden ticket to instant communication. At the top of the personal page, you can update your preferences to refine the results. In terms of the user interface, the site will meet and exceed your expectations. Every feature is well laid out, so you don’t have to click around to find anything. The type of membership is where things get interesting. You can reply to emails, message people, visit chat rooms, etc. But when you upgrade to premium membership, you’ll get tons of escorts lingering on the site. Kinky hookup is suited for people who are in a sexual rut but are not looking for a long-term relationship. Sometimes, it’s better to skip the talk and have sex.


9. ClassifiedAds  

4.36 (8923 votes)

Best for local dates and escort classifies

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This site has been around since 2001 and was originally used to list popular items like cars, jobs, and real estate. Today, ClassifiedAds has a section that replaced CL personals. You can choose from a wide range of categories including men seeking women, men seeking men, casual dating, missed connections and more. It boasts of intuitive interface and has less strict policies. The website is mobile-friendly and loads pretty quickly.


10. Kijiji (Canda) 

4.34 (8702 votes)

Best for Canadian classifieds

Kijiji is a great alternative to Craigslist classifieds. It offers personals alternatives like men looking for women, women looking for men, and those seeking non-sexual meetups. Hover to the community and select whichever category you like: long-lost relationships, missed connections, friendships, and more. The search option is also great for those looking for something specific. Since the website can only be used within Canada, you should be clear on what you want upfront.

When it comes to privacy, Kijiji is very considerate. It leaves nothing to chance for online hackers. This ensures that the conversation is between you two. Of course, you’ll be banned if you post anything inappropriate.


11. ClubSissy

club sissy
4.29 (8280 votes)

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Beat for gay and LGBTQ encounters

This site was considered safe for anyone who is sissy. Club Sissy welcomes all sissies (transsexuals, transgender, etc.). If you’re looking for sex without any obligations, this is the best site for you. To register, you simply provide your name and registration process. Whether you’re looking for like-minded men or women or a casual meet up, you can be sure to find someone. By being a member of Club Sissy, you’re a step closer to finding someone who understands you.

The good thing about Club Sissy is that you can find casual hookups that meet your description. If you don’t feel a connection, you can unmatch the users. This site gives you the freedom that you don’t get from other dating sites. And depending on your needs, there are different ways of interacting with potential matches. You can chat, text, or use voice memos. Since there are many registered users, you can test the waters before you make your final decision. While you can access the basic features for free, paid subscriptions allow users to shut the ads down. The free trial period allows you to make informed decisions.


12. RealJock 

3.50 (8071 votes)

Beat for gay classifieds

RealJock is a gay site where you can find loads of like-minded gays looking for a sexual encounter. A common feature in this site is lots of muscular men. To get started, you simply need a username and a password. And the best part is that you don’t need to pay for anything to access the features on the site. You can send messages and browse profiles without paying a dime. What’s more, you can upload multiple pictures and find sexually explicit images of members. In the forum section, you’ll find lots of information on how to keep fit and keep your man satisfied.


13. Switter 

3.94 (7905 votes)

If you prefer to use sex escorts to find sex, then Switter should be your go-to option. This is the biggest and the most unique platform for people looking for no-string-attached sex. While most dating sites provide discussion rooms and forums, Switter has opened a new dimension into the game. It offers a free speech option. Because it’s no different than other social media sites, you can post your thoughts using videos, links, pictures, GIFs, etc.

Also, the site has a form of listing for the sex workers. In the past, sex workers have struggled to connect with clients. Switter can help you connect with the thriving community stress-free. This is the first time sex workers are gaining control of the terms of use. And because of the obvious reasons, Switter has faced roadblocks like server hosting.

Switter is built on an open-source network but hosted on the webmaster’s servers. This platform does not sensor people because they are in the porn industry (camgirls, pornstars, escorts). Since the company is based outside the United States, the platform is immune to US domestic laws. But if privacy is a major concern, Switter allows you to set your account as hidden. This means that it doesn’t appear on searches and feeds.

While Craigslist personals are no longer in existence, you don’t have to go to bars and clubs to find someone you click with. You can be sure you’ll find every sexual kink on the above sites.




Tony Parker

Hello, my name is Tony Parker, entrepreneur, sex blogger, and founder of Kinkyhookup.com. I have over 10 years of experience in sex and online dating, and I have spent most of my life learning the art of kink, fetish, and BDSM. I created KinkyHookup as a way to create a community of like-minded people.
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