Ultimate List of Hookup Apps to Download 2020

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What a time to be alive. Can you imagine living in a time where you would have to see a girl, not know if she is single, ask her out, maybe she says yes, plan a date, hope it goes well, just to get laid! Luckily we don’t have to deal with all that anymore. Nowadays you can find a girl that is ready to fuck from the comfort of your own home. You don’t even need to have pants on to make it happen. 

There are many different sites and apps when it comes to online dating and hookups like Kinkyhookup.com. You don’t want to get some of these mixed up. You can also use adult classified sites such as SkipTheGames, or the popular escort site known as Erotic Monkey

There are sites and apps where people want to fall in love. For example, if you’re on Match.com or Plenty of Fish you can almost ensure the people you meet there want a serious relationship. Even apps like Hinge or Bumble are often for people looking for something real and lasting. If you try to get a casual hookup here or mention you’re just looking for sex chances are it won’t go over well.

When you use an app like Seeking Arrangements or Ashley Madison you can imply that there might be money exchanged. These sites are usually made up of some sort of exchange whether that be cash, mentoring, or a full sugar baby experience. These sites often host many escorts as well. 

If you don’t want something serious but you don’t want to pay for sex what can you do? The ultimate is a hookup app. You get all of the perks of sex when you want it without having to be sketchy spending money or worry about her wanting more. There is plenty to do if you are not into casual sex, but if you are it can be much more fun. There are tons of hookup apps and we wanted to create this guide to help you navigate all of them. The more hookup apps you are on the higher your chances are of getting laid. 


Apps Vs Sites

Many of the hookup platforms have both sites and apps. For the ones that have both use whichever makes more sense for your life. Some of us like to scroll mindlessly from our phones while others like to rapid swipe from our computers. Whatever you prefer most sites have an option for both. 


How to hookup on a hookup site

Hooking up on a hookup site is everything hooking up should be, fun and easy. When you are trying to use dating sites to hookup things can get mixed up. The last thing you want is to go on a date with a girl and then have to get mad when you bring up you’re not looking for anything serious. At least when you are using a hookup site you know that others on the site are looking for what you are. 

To make sure you are on the same page there are a few tips you can use on any dating site, not just hookup sites. These steps help you communicate what it is you are looking for and helps you avoid confusion. 

  • State in your bio you are looking for a casual hook up 
  • Use hookup apps and avoid ones that seem very romantically minded 
  • Keep things light-hearted. Don’t send mixed messages by acting super into her or a relationship if you only want a hookup. 

With tons of hookup apps on the market today we wanted to help you narrow down which is best for you. Below we’ve compiled reviews on some of our favorites to help you learn the differences and find one that works best for you. We hope you find a sexy hook up in no time.


Ashley Madison

AshleyMadison is the go-to app for those seeking sexual adventure. To get started, you simply create a profile and add photos. Here, you’ll meet people from all walks of life including singles and those seeking for an affair. What makes the app stack up from its competitors is the user-friendly menu. Needless to say, it has no other distracting apps which give users a chance to make the best of their time.

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This is the leading luxury hookup app. Here, you’ll find more than 20 million members featuring the attractive, elite, wealthy, and well-established singles from all walks of life—from entrepreneurs to celebrities. Whether you belong to the league of the attractive or successful people, there is someone to have discreet sex with.

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If you’re looking for a legit hookup app, then CasualX should be your best bet. It’s designed for like-minded people looking for a real casual hookup. You can also meet singles in your area who are interested in a discreet relationship without emotional attachment or commitment. Every day you can chat with a random match for free. You simply swipe Right to like and left to dislike. And if you like each other, the system will automatically notify you.

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In recent years, Tinder has become one of the most sought hookup apps due to its intuitive interface. It sparks more than 25 million matches every day. The breathtaking features facilitate fleeting sexual encounters, especially among the younger folks. What’s more, the Swipe Right feature is designed to like someone while the Swipe Left feature is for passing. Just tap through the profiles and chat online with your matches. And when someone likes you back, then it’s a match.

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Feeld.co is a hookup app is designed for open-minded individuals and couples. It allows you to explore your sexual desires with a partner, lover or a curious friend. Secondly, it protects your profile from Facebook friends by going incognito. Thirdly, it ensures you’re interacting with real humans.

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This app has a robust profile that allows users to state their personality and interests to give a better feel of the person they are chatting with. While most apps only filter the location, OkCupid allows the user to search their match using the keywords found in profiles. More interestingly, their algorithm will help you get to know the real deal breakers.

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This app makes hookups super easy and efficient, any night of the week. Instead of scrolling down to find your matches, those available that night usually top the list. As soon you show interest to the other user, the app tries to set up a date without any messaging. What is even more intriguing is that if you find two potential matches, the app will give you a place and the exact time to meet.

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Happn.com is designed to curate your matches based on location making it a convenient app when you want to seal the deal with local singles. Because the timeline is arranged chronologically, you’re guaranteed that your efforts will pay. Secondly, it ensures that all your information is protected and that it does not leak to third parties. Of course, you’ll never receive a message you’re not interested in.

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