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Tony Parker CEO

Tony Paker

Hi, I'm Tony Parker,  a sex expert with 15 years of experience in online dating and sex in the 21st century. My passion is helping people find their inner sexual self though the internet in order to live a happier wholesome life.

- Founder, CEO

Janet Irvin Sex Expert

Janet Irvin

Hi, I'm Janet Irvin, a sex educator, and relationship expert. I studied psychology with a focus on sex and family at the University of Michigan. I am obsessed with figuring out the dynamics of human sexuality and how sex shapes societies.

- Sex Expert

Steve Peterson Marketing Director

Steve Peterson

Hello, my name is Steve Paterson but people call me "The marketing guy". I am an expert in internet marketing and Google AdWords. I spend most of my days learning and perfecting my marketing skills to help you find the best adult dating site.

- Marketing Director

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