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The Beginners Guide to Hooking Up

Tons of people are taking part in hooking up online nowadays, and with the raise of the internet, it may be more important than ever to do so. But what exactly is a hookup, and how would you go about in doing it? Well, this guide should be able to tell you all that you need to know about it.

What is a hookup?

This is a bit of a tricky question to answer, as there really is no consensus on what the term actually means. For instance, in studies one on the subject, half of students claimed that a hookup was about sex, an half said that it did not have to include it.

However, for the sake of brevity, I will use the term “hook-up” to include the definition as “entailing certain sex acts between two people who are not dating or in a serious relationship and do not expect anything further.” Or, in other words, Netflix and Chill.

Why you should hook up with someone?

Finding someone to have sex with might seem like a lot of work for some people. They might not fully see the point of it, or they may even think that it is immoral. However, having sex can help with a lot of things if done right.

Like I said before, we live in a society that is becoming more and more internet based. As a result, a lot of people do not feel intimate contact as often as they would like. Lack of intimate touch can make you feel lonely, and can increase negative emotions, irritability, depression, and can lower your quality of life. You can become less productive as well, which is a pain.

It can also give you an excuse to get out of the house more often or to break the monotony that you might be feeling in your life. Sex is awesome, and so is finding new people to talk to and potentially hang out with in the long run. The possibilities are endless.

Where are the best places to hook up with someone?

When it comes to setting up a hooking up, there is rarely a place that you can’t do it at. However, some places are obviously better than others. But it does depend on the type of person you are looking for, as well as age, personality, etc.

If you are looking for a younger woman, or someone who might be more energetic and eccentric, it might be best to hit the club. But if you are looking for a MILF or someone older, you can probably find them at the park or grocery stores. The averages place to find people have to be at the mall, at social gatherings, or at the bar. Any place where you are destined to meet people are places where you can potentially hook up.

How it is different between male and female?

While all hookups are going to be different, there does tend to be a difference in what guys and girls tend to be looking for in one. As a result, it is best to follow some practical advice, regardless of your gender.

Girls: Know that guys are either often clueless about subtle hints if they see them at all, or they see hints where none really exists. So it is best to be upfront and blunt about what you want to a guy, telling them what you want, how, and when. They also tend to enjoy casual conversation.

Also, while you should dress in something sexy, try not to overdo it. You want to look fairly casual, not as if you are desperate. So simply having a cute top on and some decent makeup should be able to do the part.

Guys: Girls like guys that peruse them, but are not creepy. So if she is showing signs that she wants nothing to do with you, respect that. You may be able to woo her in a different way later on, but don’t be a stalker.

Also, make her feel special. Be honest with them when you compliment them. Women generally want to feel as if they are not just one stop on the Sex Express.

But again, all girls and guys will be different, and this doesn’t always work for all people. So know the type you are looking for first, and then go from there.

How to prepare for your first hookup?

When it comes to preparing for your first hookup, the first thing that you have to do is calm down. I know that having sex, or even just meeting some guy you may barely know is nerve-wracking. So take some deep breaths, as being a wreck will in no way help you.

Make sure that you bathe. Sadly, not everyone considers this before they go out. Now you do not have to make everything perfect. You don’t have to shave your legs and wear a suit. All you really need to do is take a show, brush your teeth and hair, and make sure that you do not look like a dumpster fire.

Also, regardless of what sex you are, make sure that you bring protection. Even if you are a woman, bringing a condom with you helps protect you on the chance that the guy claims that he did not bring one. Also, you are hooking up with someone, not starting a family with them. So make sure that you are well protected so you don’t have to worry about a third party in a few months.


Hooking up does not have to be hard, and you do not have to be nervous about it. Whether you are experienced, or experiencing your first college hookup, they are probably as nervous as you are. Just take a deep breath, prepare a bit before you go out, and everything should be fine.

Always sure someone knows where you are, and bring your phone. This is supposed to be a fun time for both of you, so you should not forget that.