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What is an impregnation fetish?

When you first hear the words, “impregnation fetish,” you’re probably imagining all kinds of crazy sex scenarios. In reality, an impregnation fetish is far less unusual than you may think, and you may even possess it yourself and not even know you have this kink. To break it down, the impregnation fetish, a.ka. a breeding fetish is characterized by arousal at the idea of conceiving a baby during sex. People enjoy this fetish for several reasons, but for many, the excitement of possibly getting pregnant during sex transfers into arousal. As wild as this fetish sounds, it makes a lot of sense, considering sex and pregnancy are so closely related.

You may have already guessed, but the vast majority of people who have an impregnation fetish are women. For some women, the risk of an unplanned pregnancy is thrilling, even if it’s with a casual hookup partner. The excitement of the unknown is part of what makes this such as turn on for women with an impregnation fetish. While women make up the majority of people who have an impregnation fetish, some men are turned on by the idea of getting a woman pregnant. A man with this fetish may be turned on by the element of domination that comes from impregnating a woman.

If this fetish sounds like something you may be interested in exploring, you’re in luck because we’ve created this comprehensive guide on the impregnation fetish. Keep scrolling to learn about the main features of this kink, how to safely satisfy your kink, what to do if you get pregnant, the risks associated with this fetish and much more.


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How rare is this kink?

The impregnation fetish is certainly not the most common out there. Mild sub/dom fetishes are far more likely to be in someone’s naughty repertoire. However, the impregnation fetish is certainly common enough to be recognized as a legitimate kink. Many people may be slightly or extremely aroused by the idea of getting pregnant during sex, but they don’t realize that it even qualifies as a kink.

Experts believe that part of the reason people are aroused by the risk of conceiving a baby is that the human brain often translates anxiety to arousal when having sex. People with this kink have also expressed a passion for having a large family and raising a baby. Whatever the reason may be, one thing is for certain– the impregnation fetish is here to stay.


5 key features of this kink:

Risk of pregnancy: The number one driving factor behind this kink, is the risk of impregnation. Women with an impregnation fetish are extremely turned on by the idea that a sexual experience may result in getting pregnant. The possibility of conceiving a baby is the main facet of this kink.

Unprotected sex: The nature of the impregnation fetish often leads to the desire to have unprotected sex. Deciding not to use a condom adds to the risk of impregnation and in turn, increased arousal for women with this fetish. Of course, there are several risks associated with unprotected sex that we will go over, later in this article.

Semen: Many women who experience the impregnation fetish are also turned on by semen. Since semen is a key factor in getting pregnant, there are many semen related kinks that go hand in hand with this fetish. A common desire for women with the impregnation fetish is deep penetration so that the semen has close contact with the cervix. For others, simply engaging in sex acts like creampies, is enough to get them going.

Power dynamics: A common element of the impregnation fetish is sub/dom power dynamics. Some women with this fetish have expressed an attraction to playing a passive role in the bedroom. For other women, asserting their desire for unprotected sex is what gets them and their partner hot. Either way, power dynamics certainly play a role for many men and women who enjoy the impregnation fetish.

Planning for the future: Another aspect to the impregnation fetish that adds to the excitement is planning for an unexpected pregnancy. Even if a woman chooses to use contraception while indulging in this fetish, this type of role-playing can be a big turn on before and during sex. Women with this fetish may enjoy talking or thinking about what would happen if they were to get pregnant.


What makes the impregnation fetish unique?

There are a few kinks that are commonly confused for the impregnation fetish. You now know that the impregnation fetish is characterized by arousal at the idea of conceiving a baby. Many folks mistakenly identify this as a pregnancy fetish. A pregnancy fetish is actually when someone is turned on by a pregnant woman. The pregnancy fetish is very much rooted in the reality of pregnancy whereas the impregnation kink is concerned with the possibility of becoming pregnant.

The impregnation risk fetish is also easily mistaken for the impregnation fetish. This particular kink is characterized by feeling aroused specifically by the risk associated with getting a woman pregnant or becoming pregnant, however, pregnancy is not desired. Those with impregnation risk fetishes are turned on by taking huge risks and still avoiding conception. Men are more likely to have an impregnation risk kink, making this the perfect kink to pair with a woman who has an impregnation fetish.


What are the risks associated with this kink?

Getting pregnant: Making a baby is certainly a huge risk associated with this particular kink. A big facet of the impregnation fetish is having sex without a condom, which means putting yourself in danger of getting pregnant. Given the fact that people with this kink are turned on by conceiving, it’s no surprise that unplanned pregnancies are a big concern. It’s smart to consider how you and your partner might cope if you became pregnant. Are you financially able to raise a child? Would you consider adoption or termination? These are all real things to consider when experimenting with an impregnation fetish.


Sexually transmitted infection: Another concern that should not be taken lightly is the danger of sexually transmitted diseases. If you are engaging in impregnation play and not using a condom during sex, you are potentially exposing yourself to several STIs. STIs can affect fertility, making conception difficult or impossible. Aside from this, STIs have a vast array of adverse effects that nobody wants to deal with. Many people are rightly concerned with contracting HIV, but many STIs are much more common and stay with you for life. There are a few ways to avoid this unfortunate danger that we will go over in the next section.


How can I safely satisfy this kink?

Use birth control: For women with an impregnation kink, the idea of conceiving a child is the ultimate turn on. However, the reality of getting pregnant can present very difficult challenges that stay with you for life. It’s a great idea to consider a form of birth control that you feel comfortable with. One excellent option is the IUD. An IUD is a birth control device that is inserted into the uterus. There are several options for IUDs including non-hormonal options and localized hormones. This minimizes the hormonal side-effects that many women experience. If you choose to have sex without a condom, this is will prevent you from getting pregnant, but will not protect against STIs.


Choose trusted partners: If you do decide to have unprotected sex, it’s extremely important to have sex with trusted partners. An impregnation kink is not always suitable for casual hookups because of the particular facets that comprise this kink. Choose sex partners who you are comfortable with discussing sexual health with. Discuss testing history, contraception methods and anything else that concerns your health and safety.

Tell your partner about your kink: Many people are ashamed of their kink and keep it a secret from their sex partners. This can have negative effects on your mental health and lead you to feelings of unfulfillment and risky behavior. Find sex partners who you can trust to open up to and talk about your kink with. If you end up entering a long term relationship, it’s especially important to let your partner know exactly what gets you going.

Get tested regularly: Whenever you are engaging in sex without using a condom, getting regular STI testing is a must. The standard rule when it comes to testing is to get tested every 3-6 months. Sometimes it’s hard to make this a priority but it’s of the utmost importance to prioritize your health by having safe sex.

Stay honest: It’s always good practice to be upfront about your means of contraception with your sex partners. When you enter the world of kink, it’s best to understand the etiquette and principals behind any given kink. For an impregnation fetish, this means never lying about using contraception to satisfy your kink. Be honest if you’re not using any form of contraception so that your sex partner can make their own choices before engaging in sex.


What happens if I get pregnant?

Any man or woman with this kink will need to consider several things if an unplanned pregnancy occurs. Surprise pregnancies can take an emotional, physical and financial burden on both partners involved in conception. If you’re not okay with terminating a pregnancy, you’ll need to talk to your partner about co-parenting or adoption.

You’ll also need to consider the financial responsibility if you do choose to raise a child. Will your partner take responsibility, or will they be out of the picture? You should ask yourself if you are okay with being a single parent if this does occur. These are all things to consider for men and women with impregnation fetishes. The best course of action is to take precautionary measures to avoid this scenario. Avoid unprotected sex and use reliable contraception when experimenting with impregnation fetishes.


Where can I find others with this fetish?

Fetlife: FetLife is a website specifically for BDSM, kinks, and fetishes. This website is used to make connections with others who share your kink or would like to engage with you in your fantasies. This website is set up like a social media website and is a great place to find a like-minded community.

AdultFriendFinder: This website is geared towards dating and hookups. If you’re looking for a place to find real-life sex partners, this is a great site to check out.

Reddit: Reddit is a social media website comprised of thousands of unique communities. Reddit members interact through forum posts, comments, and direct messages. Reddit is perfect for people trying to learn more about their kink. Check out the communities called r/knockmeup and r/breeding on the Reddit app or website.

iWantClips: If you’re looking for porn related to your kink, try iWantClips. This website has comprehensive categories for almost any kink. Check out their category called “Impregnation Fantasy.”


Roleplay ideas for an impregnation fetish:

The safest way to engage in this kinky activity is to utilize sex roleplay. Make sure you are using contraception and communicating with your partner about STIs before having sex. Once these steps are out of the way, you can create a sex fantasy with your partner related to getting knocked up. Pretty much any popular role-play can be incorporated into this kink, as long as conception is at the forefront of the experience. Scenarios with a power dynamic work especially well. Here are some popular role play ideas to incorporate into your sex life:


  • Doctor and patient role play.
  • Professor and college student role play.
  • Maid/butler and master/mistress role play.
  • Boss and secretary role play.
  • Housewife and handyman role play.


Final Thoughts

If you are a man or woman with this kink, you should now have a better insight into how to safely engage in your impregnation fetish. There are several things to consider if you want to incorporate this kink into your sex life, but it’s not as complicated as may seem. Just make sure to follow the steps we’ve given you here, and continue to do your research to have safe and healthy sex. It’s incredibly common to have a specific kink, so don’t be afraid to open up to your sex partners about what turns you on. You’re not alone here; there are many people out there who share your kink, who you can connect with online. With your newfound knowledge, you’re ready to get out there and enjoy your kink to the fullest!

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