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These days, you can pretty much find whatever kink you’re looking for. Anything and everything goes in the world of sex relationships – and there’s nothing wrong with that, trust me! It only becomes an issue when you can’t find the fetish you are craving. This includes the DDLG relationship.

What are DDLG relationships, you ask? Well, it entails a rather erotic and hot-play relationship with your partner. And we could all use a bit of exciting kink in our lives, couldn’t we?

Are you incredibly curious about the DDLG relationship and want to know more? You’ve come to the right place! This article will give you an in-depth look into the world of this type of sexual play. Remember, it’s the spice of life that keeps things interesting, so why not learn more about a new dominantsubmission game? Who knows – you and your partner just might love it!

Read on to find out all about DDLG: what it means, what the rules are, what the community is like, etc. Let’s get started!


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What does DDLG mean?

So, the first thing you’re probably wondering is, what do the letters “DDLG” actually mean? Well, it stands for Daddy Dom Little Girl. This type of relationship is also known as dd lg and dd/lg. These are all multiple names for the same type of dom and sub relationship.

DDL Play

Speaking of dom and sub, DDLG play is a type of BDSM relationship. Why, you ask? Because DDLG involves a sort of dominate and submissive thing between a man and a woman. The Dom is the Daddy in the relationship, and he takes on a firm yet gentle parenting role.


What is a DDLG relationship?

These roles are not simply defined. It’s not really about a man who takes a young-minded woman over his knee and gives her a spanking before they have sex. No, there is more to a DDLG relationship than sex. Although that it is a big part of it!

I’ll take a moment to emphasize that DDLG does not involve any type of physical violence whatsoever. Any physical discipline that takes place is generally light and gentle. These are not abusive relationships.

Also, DDLG relationships are consensual. In other words, both the Daddy and the little girl are consenting to this type of role play. And they are okay with it. In fact, they are more than okay with it – they get off on it.


The dynamics of DDLG relationships

Now that the definitions are out of the way, we can dive more in depth. The dynamics of DDLG is not complicated – let’s just get that right out of the way. Everyone knows their role, they know how to play it, and they enjoy playing it. There are many people who don’t quite understand the DDLG relationship, which is okay. Well, at least as long as they’re not participating in it.

DDLG involves a daddy-little girl relationship. The daddy has a gentle parenting style that he loves to act out with his little girl. He does not boss her around or treat her like a baby. Instead, he may give her “punishments” that involve a sexual act. The act is gratifying for both the daddy and the little.

Another thing to get out of the way is the fact that DDLG is not an incestuous relationship. It’s also not about pedophilia. The main reason that both parties like this role or lifestyle is that it takes place between two consenting adults.

The little girl usually loves to be in the mindset of a little girl, even though she is physically a grown woman. It’s an illusion that both participants love. This is an important distinction to make. No one is forced into the DDLG relationship.

How do DDLG relationships work?

First things first – every relationship is different, no matter what labels are given. That being said, there’s typically a Caregiver or Daddy role, and a little role. The Daddy takes care of the little, very similar to the way a parent takes care of a child.

The Daddy provides the little a space that is safe and caring, much like a regular romantic relationship. He may pay her rent and bills for her and provide everything she needs to feel comfortable and safe. This may be the case for the Daddy and little even if they live separately.

Sometimes, the little may need some discipline if she behaves badly. I’ll go into more about that later in this article. But for now, let’s just say that her punishments may involve chores like housework and other things. The idea is that she is treated like a little girl. That’s what both parties want in the DDLG relationship.


Is DDLG a common thing?

First off, it is very difficult to determine how many people participate in uncommon kinks and fetishes. Why? Well, because some simply do not wish to disclose their sexual preferences and kinky desires.

Taking that into consideration, it’s safe to say that DDLG relationships and other “caregiver” type relationships are one of the biggest fetishes these days. People simply like the Daddy dom little girl setup, and they are not ashamed to say so. Good for them!


What is the DDLG community like?

You may think that kink communities aren’t like “everyone else.” But in reality, they are. They just have certain fetishes they want fulfilled. The DDLG community is no different.

This community is filled with caring individuals. There are people with high-paying jobs, and those who are in college. You probably wouldn’t be able to tell a Daddy or a little from anyone else on the street. Most of the time, they don’t play the part when they’re out say, running errands or something. Many practice this fetish lifestyle in the privacy of their own homes.


Being in a DDLG relationship

While many misinterpret this type of relationship as “bad,” the reality is that it’s not. It’s really about understanding each other’s sexual needs and honoring those needs. Yes, that might sound a little corny! But it’s the truth.

Keep in mind that there are always a few bad apples that fall from the tree – or however that saying goes. There are always going to be those who simply want to take advantage of others. Some men who wish to be a daddy only want to abuse a little.

That being said, the DDLG can always be made out to be something sinister and bad. It’s always been a keep-quiet type of relationship. The main thing to remember about DDLG is that both are agreeing to this. There is no coercion, violence, or making someone do it. That is called abuse. DDLG definitely does not involve any of those things.

Luckily, books and movies like 50 Shades of Grey have made the BDSM relationship much more mainstream. There’s a reason the movie became incredibly popular, wouldn’t you agree? It’s because many more people love this type of relationship than they would care to admit. They may be ashamed that they like it and crave being a Daddy or little. They might be afraid to act out on their fantasies. Whatever their reasons, many are not coming out with their desires.

For those who have figured out that the DDLG relationship is for them, it’s an incredible thing. They are being honest and open with themselves and their partner. What could be better than that, right?


What you should know about littles

As mentioned earlier, a little is someone who takes on the role and mindset of a person younger than their actual age. This mindset is often referred to as “littlespace.” Usually, a little takes on the role of a child who is between the ages of an infant to about ten years old. There are some littles who portray a child between the ages of 11 and 17 – this is known as “middle space.”

Being in a littlespace might seem like it’s like being a child and behaving like one. But being a little does not necessarily mean that they behave like a child. Littles usually don’t talk like babies or have tantrums. That’s more like age play, which I’ll get into below.


Does a little need a daddy?

While littles have more fun with a daddy, they can certainly be single if they choose! The important thing to remember is that they don’t need a daddy. They don’t need one to exist as a little, in other words. Nor do they need a daddy to be validated as a little.


Age play vs. being a little

So, as I said before, ageplay (also called age play) involves a person behaving as someone who is younger than their actual age. While it may sound like age play is the same thing as being in a DDLG relationship, it’s actually not.

Yes, they are similar. However, age play is when someone acts like a child. A little is in a little headspace (or littlespace) where they are in the mindset of a younger age. A little doesn’t act like a little child, they just think they are one. Age play is the type of play that involves things like talking like a baby, wearing a diaper, throwing tantrums, etc. I know it may seem confusing, but there is a difference and I wanted you to know.


DDLG long-term relationships

If you think it’s not possible for a daddy and a little to fall in love with each other, think again! There are plenty of people who love the DDLG fetish who have a romantic relationship in addition to their DDLG one. Having a fetish and acting on it doesn’t mean that you can’t fall in love at the same time. In fact, there are even DDLG couples who are married. They just don’t indulge in the lifestyle every single day.


How to enter the little space

While you can’t magically transform yourself into a little, you can get into the space bit by bit. The first thing to do is to designate the start and end of the DDLG playtime. One way to do this is to have outfits that say you are ready for kinky play. You can wear a short dress, a cute and sexy onesie, or a tube top and cotton bikini panties. It’s up to you what your outfits entail. They should be comfortable and ideal for your DDLG activities.

Littles pretty much always have accessories specifically for her playtime. She might walk around with her favorite teddy or stuffed animal. Other DDLG accessories include pacifiers, sippy cups, and diapers.

Some DDLG scenes can be during bath time, when the little needs help bathing and dressing from her daddy dom. Another scene could be an ordered bedtime, when the daddy dom tucks his little in and reads her a story. DDLG doesn’t always involve straight-up sex – something that others simply cannot understand.


DDLG relationship rules

The rules for this type of relationship are generally given to a little by the daddy dom. He is the dominate one here, so he makes the rules according to his little’s kinks. This means that the daddy must understand what his little wants and needs in the relationship. Plus, it’s the only way to set the boundaries.

One of the components of a DDLG relationship is punishment. Again, these punishments do not involve violence or pain of any kind. Your little may get a little bratty from time to time, and she may need a punishment. To teach her a lesson, discipline is necessary. Order her to stand in the corner for a little while. If she has said something bad, have her hold soap in her mouth.

Other light punishments include paddling, spanking, and flogging. Your little can also learn her lesson by doing chores around the house.


DDLG relationships are not for everyone, but they’re perfect for those who are into this kink. I hope you enjoyed this DDLG guide and learned something!

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