Complete List of Kinks and Sexual Fetishes

Catching Feelings

Common kinks

Primal Role Play

Primal role play involves getting in touch with your animalistic side. One partner is the predator and one partner is the prey. In this kink, the prey will be hunted by the predator. You can expect animal noises, hiding, biting, scratching, and catch and release behavior. Find a nice open space and let loose. This kind of play lets your raw sexual desires take charge. You get to define what being “caught” means in the end.

Patient / Doctor Role Play

One partner is a doctor or nurse while the other is an incapacitated patient. Get some sexy costumes involved and let your imagination run. Nothing like a bed stricken patient to receive some doting. Make sure you examine your patient head to toe and ensure blood is rushing to all the correct places. As the patient, you’ll be moaning at every little touch. You are hurt after all.

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Boss / Secretary Role Play

Power play is always a hot fantasy. Being the boss means telling your secretary exactly what she needs to do to get that raise. After all, you hired her because you love she’s great at working underneath you and will do whatever it takes to get the job done. As the secretary, you’ll do what you need to in order to move up. Find a solid desk and bend over it. We don’t want anyone getting fired.

Boss/Secretary Role Play

Power play is hot. Being the boss means telling your secretary exactly what they needs to do to get that raise. After all, you hired them because they’re great at working underneath you and will do whatever it takes to get the job done. As the secretary, you’ll do what you need to do to move up the corporate ladder. So find a solid desk and bend over it.

Age Role Play

Sometimes we just want to be taken care of. Ageplay allows for this nurturing dynamic. One partner plays the role of a younger person, and the other takes the role of the caregiver. Age play can be sexual or not and might involve trappings like coloring books, cartoons, and stuffies. Remember that ageplay is a role-play between consenting adults and does not imply sexual activity with minors.


Sometimes called “golden showers,” watersports is kink play with pee. Usually it involves the dominant partner peeing on their submissive (or sometimes even in their mouth.) But watersports is not inherently tied to a power dynamic and you can play with it without taking any specific dominant or submissive role. As long as neither of you has an infection, urine is pretty much sterile so this activity is perfectly safe.

Adult Nursing/Breastfeeding Kink

Adult nursing or breastfeeding fetish refers to a person breastfeeding their sexual partner. This can be actual feeding, if the person is lactating, or can be simulated for the purposes of fantasy. Sometimes, but not always, part of an ageplay or adult baby dynamic.


Category: Bondage


Restraint Play

Restraint is an umbrella term for anything that involves restricting someone’s movement. It might include rope bondage, handcuffs, mummification, or any other way of holding someone in place. The tied-up partner is usually submissive in this scenario

Sensory Deprivation

For this kink the element of surprise is tantalizing. Without all your senses you’ll have no idea of what is up next. Blindfold your partner and being to play. You can also have your partner tied up during this kind of play. Surprise with different sensations, hot, cold, soft or vibration. Being deprived of your sense makes you feel vulnerable and at the complete mercy of your partner. Let your partner take control and they may surprise you.

Rope Bondage

Calling all sailors! Rope bondage can take on many different forms. The most widely taught are the Japanese Shibari and Kinbaku. Rope bondage is a wonderfully versatile fetish that can be sensual, painful, decorative, sexual, or some combination.


The act of cutting the skin or otherwise inflicting injury for the purpose of leaving a scar. Often done by those in Master/Mistress and slave relationships as a symbol of ownership.

Sensory Deprivation

Without all your senses you’ll have no idea what is up next. Sensory deprivation can include things like blindfolds and earplugs. Experiment with sensations with one or more senses taken away – you might be surprised how the others heighten.


Chastity is a subsection of orgasm control and involves one partner wearing a chastity device which prevents them from having access to their genitals. Chastity is more common for submissives with penises as the devices are easier to wear for long periods of time, but it does work for submissives with vulvas too.

Bondage Hood

A bondage hood can be made of leather, latex, PVC or spandex and is used to depersonalize the wearer. No longer is the wearer looked at as a person but now as a sexual object. If you want to participate in bondage hood play make sure breathing is never compromised. The wearer can receive many of the same sensations as any kind of sensory deprivation play.

Cock-and-Ball Torture (CBT)

Cock-and-ball torture, or CBT, involves the infliction of pain to the penis and testicles. It might include impact play (flogging, whipping or spanking,) using clips and clamps, crushing, scratching with fingernails, or a number of other techniques.

Consensual Non-Consent (CNC)

Consensual non-consent is sometimes called “rape play” or “ravishment play.” It is a type of scene where it is understood that words like “no” and “stop” are not to be taken at face value. These fantasies are surprisingly common, especially among submissive women, and there’s nothing wrong with acting on them as long as you negotiate thoroughly and use a safeword.

Wax Play

Wax play involves dripping hot wax onto someone’s body, usually from a lit candle. It can vary from painful to sensual, but should not result in lasting burns. Buy proper “bondage candles” or “wax play candles” from a kink supplier. Ordinary household candles can contain chemicals that make them burn hotter or irritate the skin. Allow time to get the wax off again after your session – it takes longer than you think!


In kink, the term “whips” typically refers to single-tail whips of the type that you can crack. Starting at around 3 feet in length and going up to 8 feet or longer, whips are incredibly dangerous if used wrongly.

Get some expert tuition and practice, practice, practice before you even think about using them on a person. That crack you hear? That’s the whip breaking the sound barrier and if you hit someone wrong with one, you can put them in the hospital.

Tease and Denial

A form of orgasm control where the submissive party is repeatedly teased but not allowed to orgasm. May involve edging (see above.)


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Category: Discipline



What to experiment with edge play? Well, you’re going to need self-control.  Edgeplay involves bringing one partner to the brink of orgasm and then not allowing them to. As the dom, you need to be highly disciplined and not give in to the desires of your sub. As the sub you will be begging your dom to push you over the edge. This play can go on for hours if you really want it to. If your dom is nice enough to finally let you cum it could be the most intense orgasm you’ve ever had.


If you have been bad and need to be humiliated your dom can choose whatever form of discipline they desire. To play in the humiliation space you will have to deem what the punishments look like.

Some humiliation takes the form of name-calling. While others take the form of demeaning tasks like drinking from a dog’s bowl or having to ask permission to do things. Humiliation is a kink that can take many forms but is meant to have one person paying the price for being naughty.


This kink takes a special type of relationship. In the typical cuckold scenario, a male is aware that his partner is sleeping with other men or being unfaithful in some capacity. Playing into the dynamic is that the man may think his partner deserves someone better that can please them. In some dynamics, the cuckolded man will receive videos or photos of his woman being with another man.

Sometimes the cuckolded man actually enjoys seeing his wife with someone else. The cuckold will be aware he is inadequate. Go on a date with someone else, flirt with someone else if your relationship permits it to sleep with someone else and then tell your partner about it.

Slave Play

The ultimate form of discipline is making your partner your slave. In slave play the roles are very black and white. One person is the master and one person is the slave. The slave has to be extremely well-disciplined and do exactly what their master says.

You can have your slave do anything from giving you oral on-demand to having them dress a certain way. Make sure you know just how you want to punish your slave when they act up to keep your powers in check.

Golden Showers

As a form of discipline golden showers can be a great way to establish your dominance. Nothing says I’m the boss like letting yourself go all over your partner. If you want to play with this kink there are a few different ways. You can simply relieve yourself on your partner, you can urinate directly into their mouth or simply wet their clothes.

This play can be fun to experiment with as a way to solidify your roles and dom or sub. This shouldn’t be the only way golden showers should be looked at. In some dynamics, it is just as enjoyable for the person getting rained on.

Category: Body Fetishes


Foot Fetish

Having a foot fetish is one of the most common fetishes. If you are with someone that wants to experiment with this play, by all means, let them. This could work out to your feet being worshipped. In a foot fetish, a partner is enamored and sometimes sexual aroused by feet. Play with foot fetish by massaging your partner’s feet with lotions or oils.

Some people with a foot fetish love putting their partner’s feet in their mouths and sucking on their toes. From there escalate foot play to foot jobs if your partner so desires.

Breast Fetish

Engaging with breasts in a sexual way is not that much of a kink it’s pretty standard. To up your breast kink game make them the stars of the show. Ways to play with breast can be everything from sucking on them to oiling them up. You can have them rubbed on your face or oiled up and slid up and down your member. When it comes to a breast fetish explore nipple play and possibly even clamps.

Pregnancy Fetish

There are tons of guys that think a pregnant woman is super sexy. Something about carrying life is a big-time turn on. You can play into a pregnancy fetish by obviously becoming pregnant but most don’t want that kind of commitment. For some it is not just about the bump it’s about the idea of getting someone pregnant.

To play this fetish talk about how you can’t wait to be filled with his seed or how he’s getting you pregnant during sex because you’re so fertile.

Hair Fetish

This one is pretty simple. Whether this kink started from looking at vintage porn or your partner just likes it nice and soft engaging in a hair fetish can be super fun. Grow out what you got down there and you may enjoy not having to maintain anything. Seeing a vagina in a different look can be exciting too. Not to mention some are super turned on by a wet, hairy vagina. Play with hair in this way to spice things up.

Butt Fetish

Making the butt the whole focus of sex can be super sexy for both parties. Worship the booty through a nice massage or coat it in coconut oil to watch it shine. Many like to engage in tonguing buttholes and if that’s you give it a try. Obviously the ultimate is anal. Make sure your partners is very relaxed, lubed, and check in on them often. Taking your time with anal can make it a super amazing experience for both parties involved.


Category: Clothing Kinks



Lingerie is a sexy kink that can get both partners hot and bothered. If you would like to purchase lingerie for a lover simply check their sizing one their undergarments next time you’re in the throws of things. Think about the seductiveness in lingerie play. Remove items of clothing slowly to tease them out. Many lingerie kinks love stockings, garters, panties, and bras. Getting a matching set and make fantasies come true.

Heels in Bed

There is something sexy about a woman in heels. Maybe it’s the way they perk her ass up or maybe its how long they make her legs. Wearing heels in bed can make you both feel extremely naughty. Be careful as to where they end up as start stilettos and soft private parts sometimes don’t mix. Heels in the bedroom can make your dominatrix fantasy a reality.


Costumes in bed are a super-easy way to spice things up. When you put on a costume you get to engage in a little role play pertaining to whatever that costume might be. Keep things hot and heavy by changing costumes often. School girl costumes are always a hit as well as a French maid. Go shopping for a costume for your partner so that they will be wearing exactly what you think is sexy.

No Panties

Not wearing panties is a super easy super sexy kink to play out. For this, the lady is going to want to wear a dress or skirt with no panties underneath. Bonus points if it’s a windy day.

Something about knowing there is no barrier between the world and her most intimate parts is a super turn on. If you’re extra cautious have her bend over things to give you a glimpse of what she’s got going on underneath. If you’re in a situation where you see a ladder or steep staircase have her walk in front to get the perfect upshot.

Braless Day

Try to make this kink happen on a cold day. When you see hard nipples under a tight shirt something super exciting happens. For many being aroused by hard nipples is common. Go out on a cold day braless to have this fun excitement with a partner. Allow your partner to steal some touches to get your nipples extra hard.


Category: Open Sex



In a cuckold scenario, one partner has sex with other people as a form of dominance over or humiliation for their submissive. It’s often part of chastity play and can involve the submissive partner knowing that someone else can please their partner better than they can. Sometimes the cuckolded partner will watch, and at other times they will just hear about it later (or see pictures.) This kink is sometimes called “cuckqueaning” if the submissive partner is a woman.


A threesome is three people having sex together. Whether you’re partnered and bringing in a third party, or a single person joining another couple, threesomes are top of many people’s sexual bucket lists. Just make sure you communicate clearly and understand the ground rules.

Couple Swap

A couple’s swap is full trading of spouses. This can happen in the same room or in different rooms. Get turned on watching your partner be someone else’s point of attraction and desire. The great part about a couple’s swap is no one gets left out. While your partner is getting their freak on you get to do the same. You’ll both leave with a new experience under your belt and have done so in a consensual way.


Bukkake is where several men or people with penises ejaculate on the body of another person. The receptive partner is usually submissive, though not always.

Sex Club

Sex clubs are more common than you think. Chances are if you live in or near a major town there is on close by. Going to a sex club allows you to watch other people have sex or have sex while other people watch. In some sex clubs you can swap partners or having sex with anyone you want. If you want to play with each other or have an orgy a sex club could be great.

Hall Pass

A hall pass has been the saving grace for some marriages. Some couples get several a year while others get one in a lifetime. Whatever yours is a hall pass offers your partner the chance to go out and have a night as a single person. Flirt and sleep with whoever you want. It’s up to your relationship if you want to treat your hall pass as a don’t ask don’t tell but hearing about the experience may be hot as well.

Public Sex

Be sure to make sure you are in a spot where you will not get caught. Knowing you can see people and they may be able to see you is a hot kink. Hike up a skirt with no panties and stick it in for a quicky in a public place. Double-check your surroundings because the stakes could be high if you mess this one up.


Category: Stripper / Escort Play


Lap Dance

Youtube can teach you how to give a professional lap dance in no time. Select a dirty song, put on some lingerie and high heels and grab a chair. Lap dances are expensive for a reason, they get your man turned on in a major way. As a great way to engage in foreplay, a lapdance will have you ready to take each other’s clothes off.

Amateur Stripper Night

Amateur stripper nights are held at many strip clubs around the world. If you want a hot night of role-playing, grab your partner, go along to one of these nights, and strut your stuff on the stage. You’ll probably get to keep any money you make, too!

Escort Role Play

Many men have a fantasy of hiring an escort. Maybe it that taboo of it or the illegalness but playing escort is a big fetish. To play escort simple have the lady dress provocatively. Meet at a divey motel for added realness. Order whatever service you want and pay her for them. Then both go your separate ways.

Strip Club Date Night

Strip clubs are often places men go alone to be turned on by women that are not their partner. When you go with a partner, it can be a little hotter and taboo. Strip club date night lets you watch your partner get seduced in a way that is good for your relationship. Going together means its a shared experience and not one done in secret. Maybe you will pick up moves to try on each other later.

At Home Pole

Install a pole in your bedroom for all the stripper fantasies your heart could want. This kink is a great way to make your sex life dirtier. Roleplay all the strip club fantasies you want from the comfort of your own home. Enjoy putting on a sexy show for your partner or tipping just for fun.

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