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Review of Club Sissy: Worth Your Time?

Club Sissy is a gay hookup platform that welcomes all the sissies from other genders. This includes transgender, cross-dressers, transvestites, and those who love them. It’s one of the best sites for sissy forums and chat rooms. Unlike other dating platforms, Club Sissy allows you to find a relationship on the other side of the screen. This site was created in 2004 to connect sissies with the same interest.

To get started, you should select a username and password. Avoid using an email that you don’t want to be affiliated with an adult site. After the email is verified, you can start searching for a match. You can search by name, location, or category. Do you want to show ads with pics or text?

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The basic feature of Club Sissy is the chatroom. You can chat with strangers, send pictures, videos, or talk in private chats. And the best part is that the service is free. The idea is to help you get a partner and make your experience worthwhile. Unlike other adult sites, you get hundreds of hours where you can connect and chat with other members. Of course, you can peep through their world to understand the outlook towards their life. No matter your sexual orientation, there’s always someone who’s waiting to connect with you. The chat room service is available 24 hours.


  • It’s free and safe
  • Easy sign-up process
  • Offers unmatched customer support


  • The site looks a little outdated
  • Members don’t use their real photos
  • Some people exaggerate in their ads


Why you should use Club Sissy

Once you become a member of this community, Club Sissy will respect your privacy. They don’t sell or trade your personal information to third parties. Your details will only be given to the necessary authority within the confines of the law. Also, the messages you receive are only sent to the owner of the account. Club Sissy keeps the platform free from any illegal material. If you find any questionable information, you should contact the admin immediately. Also, if you contact a member and they reply with a request for money, you should report them (simply use the Report Ad button). When it comes to meeting in person, only proceed with caution. Remember, all the information collected when opening an account is stored in a secure server.


When you become an active member, you’re likely to get someone you can match with. On average, Club Sissy receives 10,000 visitors per month. Out of these, 25% remain on the site. Club Sissy strives to reach out to new members and get a captive audience. If you’re not sure what you want, you can make your choice from the hot sissy photos. Apart from the chat features, you can use voice and video calls. And if you’re on the go, you can use the mobile platform. You can chat or make calls via an iOS or Android device. The first impression matters – it could make or break the new connection.

The platform allows you to join a discussion on sex-related matters. Be sure to be bold and polite to increase your chance of getting the perfect match. Here, you’ll meet with strangers including random boys and girls. And the best thing is that your discussions are completely anonymous. Club Sissy allows you to take part in a survey and polls. If you own a site, you can add a link to the site. This may include a link on training and advice, mistresses & masters, shopping, meeting spots, AVS sites, personal pages, stories & other erotica, etc.


What is the cost?

This site is free. The registration process only helps to weed out non-serious people. If you’ve been on the lookout, the graphics are kept a bare minimum. This translates to less bandwidth and low cost. Club Sissy accepts donations and support, and they intend to keep it that way. It’s quite expensive to host a site, update it, and answer all support questions. As a way of encouraging the users to give, members get a special incentive. If you give more than $30, you get unlimited access to images. Other than that, new ads are posted to your area.

This brings us to the next question: how do you contribute? There are three options to give your donations: Amazon, Coinstar, and Inner Female. When you contribute to Inner Female, you’ll get full credit on Club Sissy. Inner Female features groups, blogs, events, calendar, chat, photo galleries, friends list, and surveys. Once you log into the website, you should click the Donate button. After that, you can submit your payment information and receive confirmation details via email.

The other option is to use an Amazon gift card/certificate. This is an anonymous way to reward you for your effort. First, you should create an amazon account by entering your email and password. Be sure to verify your email if you’re a new customer. For privacy reasons, you should enter Club Sissy email ( After the transaction is complete, submit the form and transaction I.D at the official site.

If you don’t like the above payment methods, Coinstar can be the perfect solution. A receipt will be printed showing the redemption code and the number of coins deposited. Unlike the other payment methods, Coinstar is free. Don’t forget to put the link on the Club Sissy website. For whatever reasons you give, Club Sissy can refund your contributions with no questions asked.


How to delete your Club Sissy account?

Once you log into your account, you should click on the edit account section and delete it. You will be prompted to email verification to complete the process. If you don’t receive the email within a few minutes, be sure to check the spam folder. This section also allows you to make some changes to your account.


Overall impression of Club Sissy

Club Sissy offers a safe and friendly environment where you can date and meet a potential partner. Whether it’s a mistress, female domination, or another sissy like you, you’ll find them here. Club Sissy has been serving thousands of members throughout the world and gives you an option to explore your wilder side. This is also a great place where you can overcome shyness and share your stories. And depending on your preference, you can send chats, emojis, or videos. You can also chat online and arrange real-time meetings.


Final thoughts

Club Sissy is secretly created for sissies and their secret admirers. The site offers a friendly environment where you can meet potential partners without being judged. Whether you’re searching for female domination, a sissy maid, or a mistress, this is the right place.


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