Financial Domination: Everything You Need to Know

Findom Definition
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What is findom?

At its core, financial domination is a form of BDSM involving a power exchange between two consenting adults. Unline other kinks and fetishes hat makes this fetish unique, is the role that money plays in this form of BDSM. Financial domination has taken BDSM and exchanged whips and bondage for money. In this relationship, the sub gains sexual pleasure from giving his hard-earned money to a financial dominatrix.


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Financial domination subs are referred to as cash slaves, moneypigs, paypigs and a variety of other degrading names. The submissive person or finsub is attracted to the idea of handing over his financial power to a dominatrix who will have full control over his finances. Often, a committed finsub will live on just enough money to survive. In return, the sub may earn a compliment or a few degrading comments. Some financial dominatrixes will show their sub special attention when they receive a gift from them.

Financial domination relationships are primarily carried out online and do not often involve a sexual exchange. For women dommes, taking money from male subs represents justice in a financially imbalanced world. Findom relationships can range from total budget control to simply sending a single payment to a dominatrix. In some cases, findom relationships may become more intimate by having the sub live in the dommes household. In these cases, subordination becomes a full-time lifestyle with subs taking on all household chores and activities while providing finances.

At the end of the day, the release of power in the form of money is what arouses a finsub. Professional financial dominatrixes are masters of manipulation and control who know exactly how to dominate their subs. If you’re interested in learning more about this unique fetish, keep scrolling to find out who has this fetish, what the risks are, where to find this community and much more.


Who has this fetish?

To understand financial domination, it’s important to understand BDSM in general. BDSM encompasses fetishes having to do with bondage, discipline, domination, submissiveness, sadism, and masochism. The dominant and subordinate roles are integral to this type of kink. People who are drawn to being submissive seek to be controlled and even degraded. All of this is done with explicit consent.

In the world of findom, subs wish for their finances to be controlled and in this way they submit to the dominatrix. The vast majority of finsubs are men and many findommes are women. Finsubs come from all walks of life and financial backgrounds. Some are men with large amounts of disposable cash who daydream about going bankrupt. Others are men with more modest incomes who want a dominatrix to surrender power to. For finsubs, serving their dommes brings a sense of fulfillment. The goal of a dedicated finsub is to be monetarily dominated so that they are unable to spend on items that aren’t strictly necessary.


How rare is this fetish?

Financial domination is a fairly uncommon subsect of the larger BDSM community. However, the findom community is expanding as social media platforms grow. The ability to find people in any specific kink community has been made far easier with the use of the internet. As of now, there are more financial dominatrixes than finsubs on most websites. True findommes and finsubs are harder to come by than men and women who simply dabble in findom.


What are some common elements of FinDom?

  • Dom-sub dynamics: Again, dom-sub dynamics are the basis of findom. The dom, in this case, being a woman who demands money and the sub is a man who gives her what she wants. The sub gets satisfaction from spoiling the woman and receiving nothing in return.
  • Budgeting:  Committed subs and doms may enter what is known as total power exchange or TPE. For findom, this means the sub hands over his budget to the dom who then controls his finances. This agreement requires a high level of trust, and should only be entered with professional doms who understand the responsibility. TPE can be used for long or short periods of time. The goal of TPE is to financially dominate the sub so that his personal finances are limited.
  • Fines: Fines are exactly what they sound like. If a sub breaks one of the ground rules laid out by his mistress, he risks being fined. This form of punishment goes hand in hand with the TPE lifestyle that many subs desire.
  • Tributes: Like something out of a greek myth, tributes are paid to financial dominatrixes to show adoration and devotion. Tributes are monetary gifts given to dommes without expecting anything in return. Tribute amounts should be large in relation to income. If a sub doesn’t make a large income, then a smaller tribute is acceptable.
  • Tasks: Another way of asserting dominance is by assigning tasks for the sub to do. These tasks can be anything the domme feels is relevant. This could mean asking for embarrassing pictures or having him do chores. In return, a grateful sub will sometimes send gifts or tributes to show respect.


What does it mean to be a financial dominatrix?

Learn to be a domme first: If you’re interested in becoming a financial dominatrix, you have to understand what it means to be a dominatrix in the first place. Many women interested in this occupation will make a social media account and start demanding money, only to be left wanting. Being a dominatrix is a skill and becoming a niche dominatrix, such as a findomme, takes time, practice and research.

 Master of manipulation: A professional findomme knows exactly how to dominate her sub through mental manipulation. This is not some magical gift; she spends time getting to know everything about her sub. She knows exactly how much money makes and how he spends it. She pays attention to if he responds to aggressive or subtle remarks. These types of observations will give her insight on how to dominate successfully.

Budgeting responsibility: To be a great findomme, you’ll have to understand budgeting and be responsible with your subs income. Understand the level of trust that comes with total control of someone else’s budget. This means you are in charge of exactly how much money your sub keeps. You’re responsible for making sure his bills get paid and deciding how big his food budget is. If you want your sub to live like a broke college student, it’s all in your power. Many subs receive a weekly allowance from their domme, but some must ask to make extra purchases.  

Understand other kinks: A large portion of the findomme community engage in other forms of kink in addition to findom. For example, a findomme may also make an income from foot fetish content. This is a great way to find findom clients who are serious about being finsubs.

Salary range: Like any other online business, findommes with a dedicated online following will make the most money. Direct people to follow your Twitter account and increase your online presence. Findommes can make anywhere from $80-$10,000 per month. In some cases, a person will drop an abnormally large sum and then disappear. In other cases, a sub may consistently make small tributes every week. The nature of the kink makes it hard to calculate a consistent salary range. For this reason, it’s not smart to become a findomme if you are desperate for money.


What does it mean to be a FinSub?

The joy of giving: Finsubs get a sense of fulfillment from seeing a findomme spend their money. This satisfaction is important to submissive men in findom. The most important aspect of this, is that the submissive person gets nothing in return for their money.

Getting “drained”: Getting drained refers to emptying your bank account. This is a common desire for the submissive person and they will often express it to femdommes. Fantasizing about going bankrupt or living on meager wages goes along with this desire.

Domination: Many men who are attracted to findom are leaders in their everyday lives and enjoy being vulnerable. Getting dominated allows someone else to be in charge and take the reigns. Domination acts as a mental vacation for men in this position.

Ridicule: Some, not all, submissive people in findom enjoy being ridiculed and degraded. They enjoy being made to struggle financially and live uncomfortably. This type of humiliation is a common theme in financial domination.


What are the risks associated with this fetish?

For submissive people in findom relationships, the biggest risk is becoming dangerously financially unstable. In some cases, a sub will enter TPE with an untrustworthy findomme. This can result in irresponsible budgeting which can lead to bankruptcy, losing savings, and much more.

Finsubs also need to be aware of what is driving the fetish. Some subs become addicted to the kinky lifestyle of findom and end up losing all of their financial stability. Subs will have to learn to walk the line between satisfaction and self-harm

For dommes, entering into this kind of financial responsibility can also have consequences. Make sure you keep open lines of communication and don’t abuse your power. Taking someone’s money, even with consent, can lead to very serious situations if not handled professionally.


How can I safely satisfy this fetish?

  • Never offer your PIN or social security number to anyone. Professional dommes will not accept this offer and it’s not safe to do so.
  • Do not offer an amount that is too large. Findommes are looking for a tribute that is large in relation to your income. They recognize the sacrifice regardless of how much money you make. The whole point is to become financially dominated, so if a $20 tribute is a lot for you, that’s okay. Remember, a broke finsub has no use to a domme so be responsible.
  • Keep open lines of communication. Even if a sub gives a domme power over his budget, there are rare cases when he’ll need to spend more money. Do not risk your health or safety for your kink.
  • Find a findomme with other subs and references. Make sure she is a professional who takes her role seriously.
  • For dommes, make sure you don’t spend money you don’t have. If you decide to spend money on a purse or an outfit, there’s a chance you won’t get reimbursed, so make sure you can spend the money.
  • Another tip for dommes: never rely on your subs for an income. You never know what could happen and you don’t want to be left hanging. Many subs are also turned off if they think the domme is dependant on their money. This takes away from the domme persona. Avoid asking for basics like household items and bills and focus on frivolous items.

Where can I find other people in this community?

  • Fetlife: Fetlife is the premier website for kinksters of all kinds. This website is set up like other social media sites rather than a dating site. It’s a good place to meet findoms and subs as well as people in the community. If you’re curious about the lifestyle this is a great place to make an account.
  • Twitter: Twitter has fewer restrictions than apps like Instagram and Facebook. For these reasons, findom Twitter is a popular place to build a findom following or find reputable findommes. Try searching under the Twitter hashtags for findom, findomme, cashpig, finsub, and other related tags.
  • Reddit: Like Twitter, Reddit is welcoming to NSFW content as long as you’re over the age of 18. Reddit has a community just for findom called r/findom. This community has thousands of members and you can see how many are online at any given time. This subreddit is helpful for anyone looking for a financial dominatrix.
  • This website was created specifically for the findom community. On this site, you can read about what is expected of finsubs, search through domme profiles, and enter live chat rooms.
  • HePays: This website is not marketed specifically to the findom community but it fits the criteria. One this dating site, users can only chat with women if they pay a set price. This feature will no doubt be attractive to finsubs and findommes alike.
  • iWantClips: If you love video clips relating to findom, iWantClips has a huge selection of findom porn. You can also pay tributes to the models on this site.


Final Thoughts:

Financial domination is a unique and complex kink with strong ties to BDSM. The submissive aspect of this relationship is attractive to a diverse array of people who want to give up their power and money to a dominatrix. If you love being financially submissive, just know that you are not alone. There is a tight-knit findom community online where you can safely engage in this lifestyle. If you are interested in becoming a findomme yourself, make sure to do extensive research to learn how to do this successfully. As long as both parties come into the relationship with a solid understanding of what findom is, the relationship can be satisfying and beneficial to both parties.

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