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Heated Affairs

Heated Affairs: Can You Really Find an Affair?

By Jennifer B | October 16, 2020

Marriage is a beautiful thing, isn’t it? But try as we may, many of us simply cannot be faithful to…

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Cheating Apps

Top Cheating and Affair Apps & Sites of 2021

By Jennifer B | October 15, 2020

Let’s face it – relationships aren’t perfect. Many times, one partner is sex-starved and feels deprived. They begin to think…

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Swap Finder

SwapFinder Swinger Site Review

By Jennifer B | October 7, 2020

If you’re looking to meet hot swingers online, SwapFinder could be the site for you. SwapFinder.com is advertised as the…

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FabSwinger: Swingers Lifestyle Community

By Jennifer B | October 7, 2020

Looking for a swinger site that will provide you with a chance of finding hot swingers? FabSwingers may be the…

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P411 (Preferred 411) Escort Site & Alternatives

By Jennifer B | September 29, 2020

P411 Complete Review Are you searching for hot horny escorts? These days, it’s pretty difficult to find a reliable site…

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DDGL website

DDLG Relationships: The Ultimate Guide to DDLG

By Jennifer B | September 23, 2020

DDLG Relationships: The Ultimate Guide to DDLG These days, you can pretty much find whatever kink you’re looking for. Anything…

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