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Trust Score Review: A Sassy Take on the Dating Scene

In the world of dating, there are many different niches and communities to explore. One that has gained significant attention in recent years is the online dating scene, where individuals can connect with potential partners through dating apps and websites. is one of the most popular dating sites for successful and attractive singles. It offers a convenient and accessible way to meet others with similar interests and allows individuals to easily specify their preferences and filter through potential matches.

This article takes a sassy and candid look at the ins and outs of the site. From safety features to user experiences, this review provides an honest and comprehensive perspective on and what it has to offer. 

So, if you’re considering trying out, read on for a fresh take on this luxury dating site.

What Is is an elite online dating platform that connects singles and helps them find fulfilling romantic relationships. The site was founded in 2006 by Brandon Wade, and since then, it has gained significant popularity in the online dating community. In 2018, rebranded to “Seeking,” aiming to broaden its user base and appeal to a broader audience.

The site is run on a profile-based basis, where applicants are required to fill out information about themselves that is then displayed to other site members. Profiles include details about the applicant’s age, gender, location, interests, and what they’re looking for in a partner.

This user-provided information is also used to suggest potential matches. If someone on either side of the match interests you, you can initiate communication with the other person by sending them a message. The dating site also offers additional features to help you get to know your matches better before deciding whether to meet in person.

Here’s a comparison of the pros and cons of Seeking:


  • Reliable security features
  • Enjoyable site design and interface
  • Opportunities for travel and experiences
  • Several tools and features to help users find potential partners
  • Free trial allows you to see all members and photos
  • Ability to do background checks and profile verifications through the site for added credibility
  • Available worldwide


  • The sheer number of potential matches on this luxury dating site can be overwhelming, and it can be difficult to narrow down your options

What Features Does Have?

Seeking is an online dating and matchmaking site with a variety of tools to help successful and attractive singles find potential dates. Some of the unique selling points (USPs) of Seeking include its focus on romantic relationships, its large user base, and the ability for users to set clear expectations upfront. Additionally, the site’s verification features and private image options provide users with an added layer of security and privacy.

Some of the best features on this dating site are:

Search Filters

The search filters on allow users to refine search criteria to find potential matches that meet their specific preferences. Some popular search filters available on this dating site include:

  • Age: Users can filter potential matches by age range, which can help narrow down their options to those who are within their preferred age range.
  • Location: Users can search for potential matches within a certain distance or proximity to their location, which can be useful for those looking for someone nearby.
  • Interests: Users can filter potential matches by interests, hobbies, and activities, which can help them find people who share similar interests.

Profile Creation 

Users of can create a profile that includes details about themselves and what they are looking for in a relationship.

Use your profile to introduce yourself and highlight your personality, interests, and what you’re looking for in a partner. You can also provide additional details, such as your age, location, education, and occupation. Be honest and accurate when filling out this information.

Private Images

Users can choose to upload private photos that can only be shared with those who have been granted permission by the owner of the photos. This private image feature is a useful tool for users who want to share more personal or intimate photos with potential matches while also maintaining some level of privacy and control over who sees those images.

Real-Time Messaging & Video Messaging 

Users of can send and receive real-time messages and video messages to communicate with potential partners. Real-time messaging can help to establish a more personal connection and rapport before meeting in person. Video messaging can also be a good way to verify that a potential match is who they claim to be, as it allows users to see each other in real time.

Blog Posts

The blog on the site covers various topics related to online dating, including safety tips and strategies for finding potential matches. Additionally, the blog promotes events that are available to members of the platform.

Gift List

Users can create a wish list of virtual gifts they would like to send and receive from potential partners. Sending gifts is an excellent way to show someone that you’re interested in them. They can be purchased directly through Seeking.

Background Verification

Background verification on this dating site is a feature that allows users to verify their identities and provide more information about their backgrounds. This can help establish trust and safety between matches and may be particularly important for users looking for more serious relationships.

Favorites Section

The favorites section on this elite dating site is a feature that allows users to save profiles of other users they’re interested in, making it easy to find and revisit that profile later on.

Travel Feature

Users of the dating site can easily search for potential partners while traveling to a new location. When using the travel feature, users can indicate their travel plans by specifying their destination, dates of travel, and other relevant details. Other users can then search for users who are traveling to a particular destination and connect with them if they’re also traveling to the same location.

Various Membership Options

Users can create a profile, search for potential matches, and send up to 10 messages for free. You can also look into the paid membership options. Premium members gain access to unlimited messaging, the ability to see who has viewed your profile, and the ability to hide your online status. The highest membership tier is the Diamond Membership, which includes prioritized search results, read receipts for messages, and the ability to filter search results by additional details.

Who Is Seeking For? is a niche dating site designed for elite singles interested in building more meaningful connections and relationships.

Unlike many other dating sites that prioritize swiping, Seeking emphasizes getting to know potential matches on a deeper level by encouraging users to fill out detailed profiles and engage in more meaningful conversations. It’s a good option for singles tired of swiping through endless profiles on other dating apps and wanting a more curated and personalized experience.

Seeking is open to anyone over 18 years old, no matter what gender or sexual orientation they are. The site is designed to be inclusive and respectful of all users, regardless of their background or identity.

How Much Does Seeking Cost? 

Seeking offers both free and paid membership options. Seeking also offers a verification feature that allows users to undergo a background check to verify their identity and income. This can help establish trust with potential partners and improve the user’s visibility on the site.

Here’s a breakdown of the costs and features:

Free Membership

Users can create a profile, search for potential matches, and send up to 10 messages for free. However, some features, such as real-time messaging, are restricted for free members.

Packages & Paid Membership Costs

  • Premium Membership: $109.99/month for 30 days, or $289.99 for 90 days ($96/month)
  • Premium Membership (One-Time Purchase): $289.99 for 90 days
  • Diamond Membership: $274.99/month for 30 days

How to Become a Member of Seeking:

To become a Seeking member, you’ll need to create a profile on the site. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to the Seeking website and click the “Join Free” button.
  2. Choose your gender and the gender of the partner you are interested in.
  3. Enter your email address, choose a username and password, and fill out some basic information about yourself, such as your age, location, and relationship preferences.
  4. Choose a membership type. You can either sign up for a free account with limited features or sign up for a premium membership to unlock all the site’s features.
  5. Once the account is created, successful members can begin filling out their profile by uploading photos and providing more detailed information about themselves and their ideal partner.
  6. If you choose to undergo verification, you can do so by clicking the “Verify Now” button on your profile. This will take you to a third-party verification service, where you’ll need to provide personal information and documentation to verify your identity, income, and criminal history.
  7. Once you’ve completed your profile and any desired verification, you can start searching for potential matches and sending messages.

Is Seeking Legal? 

Yes, Seeking is a legal and legitimate dating site that operates within the boundaries of the law. 

The site does not condone illegal activities and has measures in place to prevent illegal behavior, such as age verification and reporting tools for inappropriate content. Users are responsible for following the laws and regulations of their local jurisdiction.

The site has implemented various safety and security measures to ensure that its users are protected and that their activities on the site are within legal boundaries.

Is Seeking Safe to Use? 

Yes, Seeking is safe to use. Seeking ensures its site is safe and secure by giving users the tools to check profiles and report any inappropriate content.

Some of the safety and credibility features of include:

  • Account Review Process: Accounts flagged by users or an automatic process undergo a thorough manual review to identify suspicious activities.
  • Background Check Badge: Users can earn a background check badge, which adds an extra layer of credibility to their profile. This badge confirms that the user has gone through a comprehensive background check and has no criminal record.
  • Encryption: Transport Layer Security (TLS) ensures all information on the site is encrypted and secure.
  • Bot Detection: uses sophisticated bot detection software to identify and eliminate fake profiles and bots.
  • Partnership with URSafe: has partnered with URSafe, a third-party company that enhances safety during dates through GPS and check-in technology.
  • AI Technology: AI tech is used to identify fake profiles and potentially harmful situations.

These safety measures, among others, help to ensure a secure and credible environment for’ users.

What Are the Best Alternatives to

Several dating sites can be considered alternatives to, depending on your preferences and what you’re looking for in a luxury dating app. Here are some popular options:

  1. Ashley Madison – Best Seeking Alternative for Finding an Affair
  2. Secret Benefits – Best Seeking Alternative for Mutually Beneficial Relationships

Ashley Madison – Best Seeking Alternative for Finding an Affair


Ashley Madison is an established online dating site that specializes in connecting individuals seeking extramarital relationships. With a global user base of millions, the site has become a popular destination for those seeking companionship and intimacy outside of traditional committed relationships.


  • Ashley Madison is a large and established platform with a global user base, making it easy to find potential partners in many different locations.
  • The website emphasizes privacy and discretion, with features such as anonymous browsing and the ability to blur photos for added security.
  • The site’s messaging system allows users to communicate with potential matches in a safe and controlled environment before meeting in person.
  • Ashley Madison offers a mobile app for convenient access to the platform while on the go.
  • Credits can be purchased at any time without needing to subscribe.


  • The website’s user base has a limited female-to-male ratio, making it more difficult for women to find suitable matches.

Free vs. Paid Features

Ashley Madison offers both free and paid features. Here are some of the differences you can expect to find:

Free Features: 

  • Creating a Profile: Users can sign up and create a profile for free, which includes adding basic information such as your name, location, and relationship status.
  • Browsing Profiles: Users can browse through the profiles of other members on the site and view their photos and basic information for free.
  • Sending Winks: Users can send a “wink” to show interest in another attractive member.
  • Adding Profiles to Favorites: Users can save the profiles of other members to their list of favorites.

Paid Features:

  • Sending and Receiving Messages: To communicate with other members on Ashley Madison, users must purchase credits to send and receive messages.
  • Chatting: Users can engage in real-time chatting with other members who are currently online.
  • Priority Messaging: Users can send messages with a higher priority to ensure they are seen first by the recipient.
  • Traveling Man/Woman Feature: Users who are traveling to a new city can use this travel feature to find matches in that location before they arrive.
  • Private Photo Sharing: Users can share private photos with other members who have given them access.
  • Priority Man/Woman Feature: This feature allows users to appear at the top of search results for a while to increase visibility and attract more matches.
  • Anonymous Browsing: Users can browse other profiles without revealing their identity.
  • Priority Mail: Users can send a message to another member’s inbox without using up any credits.
  • Message Plus: This feature allows users to attach a message to a virtual gift they send to another member.

Pricing Plans

Ashley Madison offers a variety of pricing plans to suit different user needs. Basic plans start at $59 for 100 credits, while more advanced plans can cost up to $289 for 1,000 credits. 

  • Basic: 100 credits for $59, or $0.59/credit
  • Classic (Most Popular Option): 500 credits for $169.00, or $0.34/credit
  • Elite: 1,000 credits for $289.00, or $0.29 per credit

The website also offers a variety of add-on features, such as a premium messaging service and a priority feature, that can be purchased for an additional fee. While the pricing plans for Ashley Madison may be more expensive than other dating sites, the site’s unique approach and emphasis on discretion may justify the cost for some users.

Secret Benefits – Best Seeking Alternative for Mutually Beneficial Relationships


Secret Benefits is a popular online dating platform that connects individuals seeking mutually beneficial relationships. With a focus on facilitating these arrangements, the site has become a go-to destination for those seeking companionship and support from others. The platform boasts an extensive user base, with members from around the world seeking a range of relationship types, from short-term arrangements to long-term commitments. 


  • The site has a large user base, making it easier to find compatible matches.
  • The platform offers advanced search and messaging features, making it simple to connect with potential partners.
  • The site highly emphasizes safety and security and provides a secure environment for users to interact.
  • Members can request access to secret albums with private photos.
  • There is a strict photo verification system.


  • No Secret Benefits mobile app is currently available; however, the site design is mobile-friendly.
  • Compared to other sites, it has fewer search options.
  • At the moment, there is no way to video chat.

Free vs. Paid Features

Secret Benefits is a dating site that offers both free and paid features. Below are some of the differences between the two.

Free Features:

  • Creating a Profile: Users can sign up for free and create a profile that includes basic information about themselves.
  • Browsing Profiles: Users can search for and view other members’ profiles, including their photos and basic information.
  • Adding Profiles to Favorites: Users can save the profiles of other members to their list of favorites.
  • Sending Flirts: Users can send flirts to show interest in another member.

Paid Features:

  • Sending and Receiving Messages: To communicate with other members on Secret Benefits, users must upgrade to a paid membership and purchase credits to send and receive messages.
  • Access to Private Photos: Users can request access to other members’ private photos, which are not visible to non-paying members.
  • Priority Listing: This feature allows users to highlight their profiles in search results to increase visibility and attract more matches.
  • See Who Viewed Your Profile: Users can see who has viewed their profile.
  • Advanced Search Filters: Paid users have access to advanced search filters, which allow them to refine their search for compatible matches based on a range of criteria.
  • Read Receipts: Users can see when the recipient has read their messages.

Pricing Plans

Here are the pricing plans and membership options available at Secret Benefits:

  • Introductory: $59 (100 credits)
  • Elite: $169 total (500 credits)
  • Best Value: $289 total (1,000 credits)

Bottom Line: Is Seeking Worth it? 

Unlike some other reviews, we made sure to get to the bottom of every category. We provided a sassy and candid review of The article highlights that Seeking offers reliable security features, an enjoyable site design and interface, opportunities for travel and experiences, and several free and paid features.

Seeking focuses on connecting singles and helps them find compatible relationships, and the site provides various features, such as search filters, profile creation, and background verification, to do just that.

So, is Seeking worth it? Definitely. Seeking is an excellent choice if you’re interested in high-end, elite dating. The site adds a unique twist to that of traditional dating apps. We recommend trying it out for yourself. Thanks for reading!


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