How to Hookup in College?

College Hookup

College is a whole new ball game when it comes to dating. It’s the first place you get the real taste of freedom, not to mention you’re surrounded by a lot of attractive girls. You can do pretty much what you want when you want. But given the toxic campus culture, finding the perfect online sex hookup may feel like navigating an impossible quagmire. Here is everything you need to know about college hookups.

1. Keep an active social life

If you ask your fellow friends the benefits of keeping an active social life, you’d get a colorful range of responses. While this is an overlooked tip, it comes with its fair share of benefits. The more friends you have the higher the chances you’ll be introduced to beautiful, single women. So, get out there and join as many clubs and teams as possible. Even extracurricular activities can help you make new friends and new hookup possibilities.

2. Start hitting up parties

While most bars and nightclubs don’t open doors for students under 21, some will organize college nights. If you don’t go to these parties, you’re missing a lot. Sometimes hooking up in the party can be thrilling, so you should be safe when doing so. As you get the perfect hookup, you should minimize the risk and maximize the fun. Trust us, you’ll find a girl you already know.

Even if other guys are hitting on her, make sure you get her phone number. Also, talk for a little while and let her know she’s cool. And when the two of you finally meet up, you’ll have a good chance of stating clear your intentions. If you don’t have the courage to talk to her you can get a head start with some liquid courage. But before you head out for the night you should have an idea of what you really want. Note that in some parties you’ll find drugs, so you want to be more alert than other students.

3. Don’t get too attached to older students

She’s graduating sooner than you are, so she’s not really in it for the long-haul. By all means, enjoy the dinner together at the cafeteria, explore the dates, and stop for a small chat when you pass each other on campus. But even if she gives you some attention, it doesn’t mean you should be chasing her for the rest of the semester—you’re simply wasting your time. Make sure you understand what she wants before you think of the long-term relationship.

If you meet at the party, older students expect the fling will end when the party is over. Don’t put so much hope on future dates because they won’t happen. While we’re against dating older students, you should have mutual interests before you commit yourself to the relationship. Later in life, you’ll learn that many couples have an age difference and they still enjoy a healthy relationship.

4. Sit close to a hot girl

Be bold enough to sit close to that pretty girl in class if there’s an empty seat. To make everything interesting, make some fun about the lecturer or comment on a certain topic. Don’t screw this up by telling her how hot she is. This is a sign you just want to get laid and she’ll ignore you. If you use any cheesy moves, you could end losing the whole cause.

To build some chemistry, flirt and make her like your attention. Just don’t be hasty—take a step back and play it safe. When you have some connection, complement her about something. Be very subtle by saying things like “you have nice eyes,” “you smell great,” “I like your shirt,”and more. Use a few lines that will charm and make her blush. If she feels uncomfortable or awkward, that’s the end of the road. Read her reciprocation. When she starts speaking softly, she could be ready to take things to the next level.

5. Communicate like a champ

Receiving dozens of texts with no effort of continuing the conversation just doesn’t cut it. When you hone your communication skills, you’ll have smooth sailing with that horny girl. If she sees that you received the text and you leave her hanging, she’ll lose interest in you. In case you’re busy, let her know you’re preoccupied, and you’ll continue the chat later. Of course, you can plan a date that both of you enjoy.

6. Don’t feel pressured to have sex

You can’t be certain that all girls are looking for sex, though that’s part of college hookups. If she’s horny, she’ll ask for it. If you barely know her and you’re not comfortable, don’t do it. Depending on your social circle you mind find some pressure when it comes to sex. If there are no magic words to make the pressure disappear, walk away. But if you get to know that hot girl, you can always seal the deal when both of you are ready.

7. Go online

A good number of college students are 18 to 21 years old, so you’re going to find them online. There are many free social platforms where you’ll find fellow college girls. And the best part is, you can chat with them and get to know what they’re up to. Generally speaking, if you find a college girl on a paid online dating site, she’s quite horny or she wants serious dating. 

8. Engage in random hookups safely

Random hookups are part of the college lifestyle. You can make out with the girl you’ve been dancing with all night even if you’re not just that into it. This doesn’t have to be slutty or scandalous—it’s up to you to decide if that’s your style. As long as you don’t swap your saliva with every girl you meet, random hookups can be fun. You can have an exciting night or two but be safe. It’s prudent that you keep your close friends posted about your whereabouts.

9. Avoid girls that hook up with an entire group of friends

Now that you’ve spotted many hot girls on campus, you can start a conversation on the streets. However, you may want to avoid those girls that have no qualms about joining your friends for some action. She may not have an idea of hurting the relationship with your friends. You may want to cut her out of the equation. Be wary and take things slowly.

When you follow the above tips, the college will open the dating doors for you. Stay grounded on the intentions of the person you’re dating and make clear your intentions. Always think with the right head and stay safe.

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