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AdultSearch: Find Escorts & Body Rubs [2024 Review]

Adult Search Site

Sometimes we want some variety in our sex lives. Things can get stale, or even nonexistent. On the darkest of days, even the Tinder well may run dry, leaving you in a state of desperate frustration. Fear not, because there are services that you can rely on no matter what dreadful situation you may find yourself in. One such service is This service connects you with a plethora of ways to satisfy your sexual needs. It is available in all major US metropolitan areas as well as internationally. If you’re looking for some erotic excitement and want to know more about what AdultSearch provides, continue reading this review.


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What is AdultSearch?

In short, AdultSearch is an escort connection service. At its bare roots, it’s meant to serve as a medium between you and escorts in your area. Think of it as being the Uber for your sexual needs. You simply visit the site, select your location, and you’re then able to browse a list of potential suitors. You can filter through the escorts and sort them by race, hair and eye color, and more. You can even sort by payment type, just in case they don’t accept your premium AMEX card. AdultSearch offers more than just escorts, however. It can also point you toward local erotic sex shops, strip clubs and even erotic massage parlors. There are forums you can use to connect with others in your immediate area who have also used the service. Whatever you’re looking for, it’s sure to be found on AdultSearch. The refined search capabilities separate this service from its competition. You may have some apprehensions about the validity of this service, which leads us to our next discussion.


Is AdultSearch safe?

The erotic side of the internet is full of sexual potential and diverse exploration. Unfortunately, this also opens up the door for scam artists and criminals. There is no service that exists that is 100% spam and scam proof. However, you can be assured that AdultSearch does their best to ensure that it’s community consists only of real, legitimate users. One of the biggest apprehensions when using these services is age validity. It would be a nightmare to arrange a meetup and go through with it, only to later find out that your escort was underage. This would put you in a world of trouble, and AdultSearch knows it. To combat this, AdultSearch requires all of its users to upload a copy of a credit card and an ID, as well as provide a video stating their age. That way, even if you do wind up with someone who is underage, you’ll have video proof that they falsified their age to you. In addition to this, AdultSearch does it’s best not to promote the epidemic that is sex trafficking, requiring its users to verify they are using the service under their own free will.


Another aspect to AdultSearch is its pricing system or lack thereof. As previously stated, this service is a medium between yourself and established escorts. This means that the clients you are reaching out to set their own rates. This plus side to this you’re not locked into any recurring monthly charges or membership fees. You can decide to use the service once, pay for the service, and never have to worry about paying again. AdultSearch makes its money by charging the escorts and businesses for advertising their services on its site, which is great news for you. Of course, most users combat this by up charging on their services, but you still win in the long run.

The AdultSearch Experience

I bet you’re curious to find out exactly what to expect when using this service. As stated before, you’re able to use the sites robust search features to pinpoint your location, sort out your physical preferences, and connect you with an ideal escort for you to engage with. Once you’ve found your “match”, you’re then given a way to contact them. Typically, this is either by email or by phone. Some clients will post their rates for you directly on the site, others won’t reveal their charges until you contact them with an inquiry. As stated before, AdultSearch serves as the platform for these escorts and businesses to advertise their services, so you’re really dealing with the escort in terms of the business side of things. Once your payment is agreed upon, you then schedule a time and place to meet up with your new partner, and I’m sure you can figure out the rest.

Pros and Cons

The biggest advantage of using AdultSearch is its refined search features. A lot of services will require you to either pay for specific search options or force you into the swiping system where you have to hope you happen upon someone that interests you.

Another advantage is its widespread availability. AdultSearch not only has a large presence in the US, but also in nearly every major city in the world. No matter where your business trip may take you, you’re assured that you’ll always have an option to fill a slow Saturday night.

The largest drawback that we’ve noticed with AdultSearch is the fact that it is simply a connecting service. Even though there are no membership fees, this also means that any discrepancies you may have with a charge or payment, you’ll have to take it up with the escort or business you engaged with. This can cause some awkward situations, but they’re uncommon.


AdultSearch is a unique site that offers a premium service to its users. Refined searches, widespread availability, and no hidden or monthly fees all equate to an extremely enjoyable and hassle-free experience. It takes the guesswork out of the escort world. So go ahead and give it a try, you definitely won’t regret it.


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